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Liaoning: without the consideration of proposed selection shall appoint judges and prosecutors – Sohu news Liaoning judicial reform pilot program, will set up various departments and experts of judges, prosecutors Selection Committee (Retribution), this is the current reform of the judicial system an important content and basic work. In September 22nd, the provincial judges, prosecutors selection (Retribution) the first plenary meeting of the Committee of Liaoning province "by the judges, prosecutors selection (Retribution) committee charter" clearly defined, the selection committee (Retribution) system, organization, job duties, work systems and work discipline. The core content of the "constitution" emphasizes that the party’s leadership and the integration of specialization and professionalization of judges and prosecutors should be adhered to. "Regulations" provisions, the selection committee (Retribution) adhere to the Party leadership in the judicial work, adhere to the judges and prosecutors professional occupation development direction, in accordance with the unified arrangements of nomination, Party approval, appointment and removal of classification system, unified proposed judges, prosecutors selection, disciplinary views. The selection committee will always adhere to the principle of open and fair, timely publication of selection of judges and prosecutors to be appointed personnel list, the initiative to accept social supervision. Judges, prosecutors selection (disciplinary) committee adhere to the combination of extensive and professional, the first 15 members, both members of the committee, and experts. The special committee of 7, composed of the provincial people’s Congress, the provincial CPPCC, the provincial Party Committee Organization Department, provincial Party committee, the Provincial Higher People’s court, the provincial people’s Procuratorate, the Provincial Department of human resources and social security of the recommended 1 leading cadres. 8 members of the experts from the province of law experts elected. Members of the expert system of tenure, each term of 3 years, shall not exceed a term of two. The Committee of experts upon the expiration of the term, at least 12 re-election. The Constitution provides for the resolution of the voting system, requiring the resolution of the meeting shall be attended by more than 23 members, and more than half of the members shall be effective. The selection committee to determine the judges and prosecutors recommended candidates, shall within 10 days respectively by the Provincial Higher People’s court, the provincial people’s Procuratorate party, according to the prescribed procedures for approval, and shall appoint for grading. The selection committee, the people’s courts at all levels and the people’s procuratorates at all levels shall not appoint judges and prosecutors.相关的主题文章: