Li Keqiang’s visit is expected to achieve results in three areas –

Li Keqiang’s visit is expected to achieve new results in the new agency network in Moscow in November three 5 – Title: Li Keqiang’s visit is expected in the three fields has made new achievements in Agency reporter Wang Xiujun Chinese Premier Li Keqiang recent official visit to Russia and held in St Petersburg to attend the twenty-first regular meeting with Russian Prime minister. The two sides will jointly issued a joint communique, will sign a number of cooperation agreements. Analysts here believe that Li Keqiang’s visit is expected to achieve results in the political, economic and cultural exchanges and other three major areas. For this visit, the Chinese and Russian officials have given enough attention. China’s foreign ministry said the visit is one of the important high-level exchanges between China and Russia in the second half of this year, to deepen bilateral relations and promote bilateral cooperation in various fields, is of great significance. Russian Prime Minister Medvedev also said that the meeting with Mr. Li Keqiang will be very meaningful, impressive, his own meeting, eagerly looking forward to". China and Russia attach great importance to the reasons for the meeting clearly. Regular meeting with Russian Prime Minister is a crucial mechanism of strategic relations between the two countries in the layout, is conducive to enhancing the strategic mutual trust between the two countries, but also can be extended and the implementation of bilateral and multilateral cooperation between the two countries, ensure the strategy and policy according to plan. In addition, this year coincides with the 15 anniversary of the signing of the Sino Russian Treaty of good neighborliness, friendship and cooperation and the establishment of Sino Russian strategic partnership of cooperation for 20 years. At this important point in time, the regular meeting between senior Chinese and Russian Parties naturally make the parties expect. Some analysts have pointed out that the current Sino Russian political relations in the best level in history, Li Keqiang’s visit will undoubtedly consolidate and deepen the political and strategic mutual trust between China and Russia, the two countries benefit from comprehensive strategic cooperation. In addition, the two sides issued a joint communique, the signal will release to the outside world and the maintenance of peace and stability in the region and the world to build a fair and reasonable international order, show China and Russia will continue to keep on major international issues of mutual cooperation and support attitude. In addition to the political field, from all walks of life in Russia is also very concerned about the cooperation in the field of economic achievements during the Li Keqiang visit the two parties may reach the. Data show that the amount of trade between China and Russia is reversing the momentum of decline since last year, gradually stabilized. 1 to September this year, bilateral trade amounted to $50 billion 200 million, to achieve positive growth. Some media said that in the context of the Sino Russian economy is good, there is an economic background of Li Keqiang and the Russian high-level direct dialogue, will accelerate the momentum of trade between China and Russia rebounded, driven by the Russian economy out of the woods. Analysts here believe that the current external sanctions faced by western countries in Russia, the economic environment is grim, the internal need to promote industrial upgrading policy. While China is speeding up the transfer of excess capacity, while looking for overseas markets for domestic products. Therefore, the cooperation between the two countries is complementary. The Sino Russian summit meeting will discuss how to expand the scale of cooperation between the two countries in total factor productivity, docking and modernization of industrial structure, infrastructure expansion and other areas to explore a new path of cooperation, so as to realize the economic cooperation between the two countries comprehensive and steady development. Taking into account the Sino Russian Prime Minister regular meeting mechanism framework, in recent years, China and Russia have successively set up the upper reaches of the Yangtze River in China and the Russian Volga River相关的主题文章: