Li Keqiang in the reform and opening up to achieve the revitalization of Northeast China-yuanmu

Li Keqiang: Northeast original title: Li Keqiang: in the reform and opening up reform and opening up in the implementation of the revitalization of the northeast is our country northeast old industrial base, is "the eldest son of the Republic", the foundation of industry and agriculture is abundant, various resources, industry, talent and infrastructure are in good condition, a huge potential for development." Premier Li Keqiang in October 18th, the State Council to revitalize the northeast region and other old industrial bases to promote the meeting, said, cadres at all levels should strengthen confidence and speed up the difficult situation reversed." Since the second half of this year, the northeast economic data appear signs of stabilization, but still faces many difficulties. Li Keqiang made it clear that the northeast economic turnaround for the better, to achieve a new round of promotion, is related to the national economic development and the transformation and upgrading of the overall situation, overall regional coordinated development, related to the well-being of the masses. All parties should work together to take more effective measures to win the Northeast revitalization battle!" Prime Minister said. A local official said in a speech, a northeast old "coal city" in advance to production at the same time, through the development of online sales of agricultural products, driven by a large number of jobs. Li Keqiang said this: "the revitalization of Northeast China is based on innovation driven and open cooperation, seize new opportunities to promote the conversion of kinetic energy, public entrepreneurship, innovation, development of new formats, new models and new economy." Li Keqiang stressed that the northeast must do a good job of resources, especially the human resources, the most valuable resource. "The Chinese are industrious and intelligent. The key is to further break the shackles of the liberation of productive forces, the release of the great creativity of the whole society!" Prime Minister said. He hoped that the Northeast accelerate the transformation of government functions, greater efforts to promote decentralization, put the tube combination, optimize service reform, optimize the investment business environment to carry out special operations, to promote the "rule of the northeast, northeast credit construction, truly stimulate social potential, release the development of endogenous motivation northeast. Li Keqiang is also the scene for the northeast equipment development "return", hoping to continue to use the "northeast" equipment of the Republic, in the implementation of the "2025 China manufacturing", remodeling of northeast equipment competitiveness. Now a lot of new industry expansion, huge demand for equipment. To play its own advantages in the northeast, on the basis of respect for the laws of the market, and local provinces to accelerate convergence. To combine the equipment industry and market demand, accelerate the transformation of northeast equipment development." Prime Minister said. Li Keqiang finally said, the Party Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to the development of the northeastern region, northeast region give lots of support policy, northeast to the enthusiasm of the cadres and the masses mobilized, mining their own development potential, and employment and livelihood. "The northeast provinces should strengthen the main responsibility of the revitalization, change concept, spirit, solid work, creative work, and create conditions for the masses of entrepreneurship." The prime minister said, to start from their own reforms, in the reform and opening up to achieve the revitalization of the northeast!" (Wang Nianzi) editor: Wei Jun相关的主题文章: