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Let the world economy live water rippling West Lake, flat rushes of the Qian Tang River, the group of twenty (G20) leaders of the eleventh summit will be opened in September 4th. "China will work together with all parties, carry forward the spirit of partnership and win-win cooperation and pull together in times of trouble, set trimaran cohesion, implement the outcomes of the summit and the summit in Antalya, creating a new situation of international economic cooperation." In November 30, 2015, when China took over as president of the G20, President Xi Jinping has made a commitment to the Hangzhou summit, hope. After a year of autumn, standing in an important turning point of world economy and international economic cooperation, focusing on "the theme of the conference building innovation, vitality, linkage and tolerance in the world economy, the world is full of expectations so deep in the predicament. How to deal with the most complex and severe challenges facing G20 since its founding? How to take on the mission to get rid of the crisis and lead the world economy to a new round of growth? Tens of thousands of pre meeting, tens of thousands of people to participate in the discussion, unprecedented communication, unprecedented extensive exchanges…… Different areas, different perspectives, different concerns, bearing a common vision. "In order to realize the common prosperity and progress, the world needs to take a step forward" and "hope Chinese can effectively establish G20 regression of economy, meet the severe economic challenges tone" "China hope to draw the world economy out of the quagmire of the" road map "to the Hangzhou Summit for human sustainable development and establish a new vision"…… World vision Hangzhou. People expect the Chinese water together in an exquisite scenery, clear all sorts of blockage of global economic and trade on the river crossing at present, hinder the development of the world economy and the progress of the ravines, the new common cast process of global economic and financial governance, so that the vast waters of the world economy really alive. (a) a hill without a tree, without stopping. However, the current world economy from the source to the river river, branch is more than enough, smart hysteresis. Since the outbreak of the international financial crisis has been nearly 8 years, the world economy is still not on track, downward pressure lingering. A year ago, the International Monetary Fund President Lagarde urged policymakers to take all policy measures to avoid "mediocre" become the "new reality"; a year later, is still in "an eventful year" to the "new momentum of world economy". Insufficient recovery power. Although the world economy is basically out of the crisis, but the global growth continues to be weak, the global economy grew at an average rate of only 3.5%, lower than the average value of the previous 5 years of the crisis of 1.6 percentage points. Weak growth, rising unemployment, high debt, trade and investment downturn, the real economy stalled, high financial leverage…… Under all kinds of appearances, the whole world economy is lack of power, and the demand is not strong. This year, the world’s major institutions have lowered expectations for global economic growth, the general view of global economic growth in 2016 is expected to be less than 2.9%. This will be followed by the global growth of 2.4% in 2015, the global growth rate of less than second consecutive years of 3%. This is also a reflection of the current world economic recovery is highly vulnerable reality. Growth vigor is not;相关的主题文章: