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Let the police do not really fake police posing as police threat "get to sit" – Beijing correspondent Feng Wei Chen Long reporter Liu Zhiyu in October 29th 15 pm, Huangpi Public Security Bureau’s police station, the police station rushed to the public Wong emotion almost out of control, to surrender". Police asked, 2 hours ago, Ms. Wong received Chongqing’s horse police call, saying she embezzled other identity information for credit card fraud. The police will, and the "horse officer" loudspeaker. Ma police can not stand the offensive of the police, the police will soon reveal the true face. People take the initiative to surrender in October 29th 15 pm, the public Ms. Wong hurriedly ran to the Huangpi branch of the police station’s emotion. Instructor Lei Hongbo side to appease the mood, while asking about the situation. Wong told, just 2 hours ago, she received a strange phone, the other claiming to be surnamed Ma, Chongqing City Public Security Bureau Command Center police. Ma police, told Ms. Wong, she stole the identity of others for credit card overdraft more than 30 yuan, suspected of fraud, the public security organs are about to arrest her. Listen to each other to finish, Ms. Wong’s first reaction is to receive a telephone fraud, and said in the phone will alarm processing. "Ma" tone suddenly tough, said Ms. Huang has been suspected of a crime, should she will account for the transfer to the public security organs, to identify cases after the refund of deposit, if not required to act immediately to catch her tiger sitting stool". Ms. Wong did not bother to hang up the phone, but Ma police constantly harassing phone calls. The phone, "Ma" can accurately express their identity information, and "crime" complete details, Ms. Huang started didn’t believe that someone has taken my crime? For peace of mind, she hurried to the police station to police investigation Lohan, authenticity, she thought, if really, he is regarded as the "surrender" plot. Police were false police heard about the threat, Lei Hongbo determined, Ms. Wong suffered telecommunications fraud. He let Ms. Wong will phone boot, less than 1 minutes, a show as the Chongqing Municipal Public Security Bureau Command Center, the phone hit again. I am the Wuhan Public Security Bureau police, please show your identity!" In the face of Ms. Wong, Lei Hongbo answered the phone, indicating their identity, ask the other party also shows identity. Hear the police is answering the phone, the other was stupefied, after a brief silence, the other called himself "the police brigade". "As far as I know, Chongqing City Public Security Bureau does not have such an institution!" Face questioning Lei Hongbo, who immediately renamed himself as the criminal investigation brigade. Lei Hongbo then asked each other to offer their own names and to check the alarm. The other was not willing to give up, he began to threaten Lei Hongbo, said he is a fake police, if you continue to pretend to be person, have to take a "tiger bench". "Where is the police handling motionless on the back seat" tiger stool ", Lei Hongbo immediately shouted. See the hoax has been exposed, the other way to hang up the phone. Police and the other pair相关的主题文章: