Let me see the body change magic tricks! Sohu –carmex润唇膏

Let me see the body "change" magic tricks! Sohu and maternal "body change" magic tricks! – to accompany the elderly, children watch the show together with Fang Wen: Objective: a show of "white horse to the west, with three with three apprentices. West Road, a walk is tens of thousands of years……. What magic magic own tricks, vicious, eighty-one highway, seventy-two enemy. Master four demon fighting demons together to beat the evil justice……" How familiar with the melody ah! Today we also witnessed a return is not seventy-two, is worth seventy-two of magic tricks! If you don’t say anything else, come on! (photo: new style Brothers) to see the brothers the joy of narcissism! Is there anything special? Modelling? Right, shape! So what is the small cap of the boys themselves out of ~ how to change? Hush – back, quietly tell you to a special day of special arrangements at the beginning of October six, not only is the weekend, or mother’s birthday. What does the family do together? I suggest going to the children’s play. Children’s play, called children’s drama, in fact, is a pure content, the higher the requirements of the perfect art, often filled with happy atmosphere. In this special day, three generations together to see the children’s play, should be a good choice! Afternoon, we arrived in Haidian: Wanliu Workers Cultural palace. Interesting light children’s drama "body Tsuburi is being staged here". The play by the Japanese word theatre director, director Shinozaki Go creative guidance. Thirty minutes before the play began, it was a happy time of thirty minutes. The protagonist of this link is ugly duckling sister, but also the children under the table. The ugly duckling sister, called the "ugly duckling", is actually a beautiful fairy. (photo: as beautiful as the ugly duckling fairy sister) small Z is no stranger to the ugly duckling sister. The re registration of the elves, and ugly duckling sister dance. This time, I took my dad! Ha ha, father and son along with the ugly duckling sister dance with the music. "…… Right hand, left hand, left foot, right foot, body shake; up and down, up and down, stretch……" Looked at my father and brother dancing on the stage, Ding was in the audience laugh. Grandma is also very happy oh! (Figure: parent-child Gymnastics) noted that the size of the elves on the stage? Yes, this is the first illustration of the small Z, Ding Ding’s modeling! Towel change hat! Hee hee, the ugly duckling with baby sister learning! In addition to aerobics, ugly duckling sister also invited a small audience, robot dance, as well as sign language exercises. These activities are done on the stage, the audience together. After thirty minutes, the audience full of joy! Change, change, change, come! The fun begins. Quiet. Dark。 This is a good start! Dark. There is light in the dark! What’s that? Lumos, shadowy, beautiful white swan, naughty little frog, flying giant…… Too wonderful! How did all this come from? Change, change, change! (photo: dark trapeze) lights on)相关的主题文章: