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Lenovo released earnings: Moto business increased by 40% implies the future of business – Sohu technology the afternoon of November 3rd, Lenovo Group released the fiscal second quarter earnings, the group pre tax profit of $168 million, while last year was a loss of $714 million, to achieve reversal. In this earnings report, I found a little, that is, Lenovo’s mobile business overall sales rose 25%, which, Moto sales increased significantly, the chain rose nearly 40%. Moto business volume increase, mainly due to Moto’s new product Moto Z good performance in the global market, Moto Z Series modular mobile phone after the release, the global single week sales of about 60 thousand units, only in the United States and Mexico market as an example, week sales were 30 thousand units and nearly 10 thousand units, and in Mexico AT& T; the high-end products more than Apple, becoming the first. Lenovo and even optimistic forecasts, 12 months of this phone sales are expected to reach 3 million units, as a modular mobile phone this new category, is a very good performance. See here, in addition to Lenovo new machine to open the situation is a bit excited, I think of the day 5 years ago…… Odd and regular consumption of spiral remember 2011, a colleague and I had lunch, go xi’erqi the path, I said to him: "apple is really strong can not resist." He calmly said: "Apple will have been consumer mind one day." He did not expect a prophecy, just five years later, apple began to face a sales decline. In the face of overwhelming about Apple has changed, become no innovation of responsibility, I am also confused, whether Apple has changed, or the consumer has changed, or in the middle of what changed? From a point of view, a cell phone if the long-term shell unchanged, it will be consumers Tucao, even if it is apple, even if it is a generation of classic aesthetics. Consumers Xixinyanjiu plot and no hidden, but the most incisive display, the accused person is cruel, but it happens every day. If a brand has not changed for a long time, or lose their traditional advantages, it is bound to face the current decline in apple. Actually look forward to the explosion of new products and the world, the biggest problem now is facing the homogenization of mobile phone, the homogenization contains two meanings: one is the same among different brands of mobile phone; a mobile phone and is now a year or even two years ago, the same mobile phone. This is a problem, no enterprise willing to trial and error, because of the cruel market competition, let the enterprise each share fell and the stock price are closely related. Let us review time, a mobile phone mobile phone game mobile phone, camera blade, mobile phone, mobile phone at the time to look bright and colorful, and can reflect the personality of its mobile phone immediately. For example, NOKIA’s N-GAGE, for example, MOTO AURA, are a generation classic. Of course, these are all look like mobile phone touch screen mobile phone replaced, but when we all use the intelligent mobile phone.相关的主题文章: