Large cross-border telecommunications network fraud cracked operator layer set new network

Large cross-border telecommunications network fraud cracked operator layer set new network Scam – in – reporter Wang Chun "this is China Mobile, your mobile phone will be forced in 2 hours after the shutdown, if in doubt, please click" zero "here is the SF express, you have a parcel before sign"…… Have you ever received a call like this? A simple phone appears behind, is actually a large cross-border telecommunications network fraud gang. In June 24th, the Ministry of public security under the unified command of the deployment of Zhejiang, Wenzhou and other places of public security organs to organize hundreds of police officers to Kampuchea, 39 telecommunications network fraud suspects (among them, 14 people, 25 people in Taiwan) successfully escorted back to Wenzhou, and quickly set up a "6? 25" task force investigation of the case. The "Legal Daily" reporter recently learned from the Wenzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau was informed that, as of now, the "6? 25" ad hoc investigation to achieve further breakthroughs, and the basis of digging expanding line from Kampuchea to the 39 suspects in the early on to arrested 62 suspects, the cumulative attendance number reached 101, preliminary cracked 135 cases, involving more than 2000 yuan. Dig out the 3 cross-border telecommunications fraud gangs since April this year, the Wenzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau anti fraud Centre for telecommunications fraud cases frequently posing as public security situation, relying on the combined operations center in-depth analysis of judgments, found the case most Taiwanese crime, crime dens in the territory of Kampuchea, which belongs to the cross-border fraud gang. In mid June, under the unified arrangements of the Ministry of Zhejiang, Wenzhou, Jinhua and other places to go to Kampuchea to form a joint task force to carry out the investigation and arrested 39 suspects, and smooth it all escorted home. The ad hoc group through study on 39 suspects escorted back to trial, found 39 people belonging to 3 unrelated fraud Gang, cases involving Beijing, Zhejiang and Shanghai. July 25th, under the unified command of the Ministry of public security, Zhejiang, Wenzhou and other places of public security organs in Jilin, Heilongjiang and other places, have arrested 40 suspects. Wenzhou City Public Security Bureau police anti fraud center Kinsey told reporters, "the object of the capture of frontline operator in the main role in the fraud gang. Among them, from the beginning of 2012, Jeong do telecommunications fraud operator in Kampuchea, after the introduction of relatives and friends to the fraud Gang, when the operator recruits, has introduced the more than and 20 occupation, introduced each individual occupation will be 2000 yuan fee." The ad hoc group on each link and increase fraud research efforts, focusing on the operator, line business, change the number of card business platform, vendors and other four sectors to carry out deep study, after 3 months of unremitting efforts, focused action to close the net in Henan, Fujian and other 8 provinces and 10 cities, 22 suspects were arrested. To understand the police in the investigation, the investigation of the fraud gang organization initiated by the Taiwanese, the No. 1 and No. 3 Gang Gang since 2011, has launched a fraud in Kampuchea, Egypt, Jordan and other countries. The different roles the victim cheated in June 13th, the Kampuchea police in a three storey villa Zhongyue相关的主题文章: