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Lafayette to explain why not buy real domineering: strength could no longer raise Florentino believes Real Madrid team has reached the pinnacle of the Phoenix sports news Beijing time on September 1st, the European League in the summer transfer window has closed. For two months of the transfer window, the majority of the team has made some adjustments to the lineup. The most surprising thing is that as a super rich Real Madrid spent an unusually quiet summer, in addition to spend 30 million euros to buy back the old Morata, they have no other action. After the transfer window opens in the summer, Real Madrid move quickly to 30 million euros to buy back Morata. Originally, the Real Madrid fans think this is just the beginning of a lot of bank warships Hao purchase, who knows, then the Real Madrid and no other action. In the sale of players, Real Madrid’s frequent moves, the more well-known players including Cheri Scherf, Hersey and Arbeloa (free, leave) a total revenue of 37 million 500 thousand euros. So, the summer transfer window, real investment is 30 million euro, player sales revenue of 37 million 500 thousand euros, net profit of 7 million 500 thousand euros. This is unthinkable in the past Real Madrid, nor is Florentino consistent style". Real Madrid’s two main rivals, Barcelona invested a total of $122 million 750 thousand to buy players, net investment of nearly 100 million euros. Ma Jing’s investment of 81 million euros, net investment of more than $50 million. Of course, Real Madrid didn’t lose an important player, originally considered leaving harmes and eventually left the team easco. In addition, up to a team of Asensio’s new season will also play an important role. Look at the Real Madrid president Florentino is how to explain: "the new season Real Madrid will compete for the number of Championships, we have won the European Super Cup champion, Spain also won the first two games. We already have a strong squad and we can’t continue to improve. We also have Zidane, his contribution is indispensable." Real Madrid’s lineup is really impossible to improve it? I think, at least in the line of defense, there is still a lot of room for improvement…相关的主题文章: