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Kunming residential developers submitted 3 owners forced others wounded – Beijing yesterday developers, will come up with hydropower construction plans in 7 to 10 working days, to the owners of an account of intern reporter Zhang Haozhe home water table on mandatory launch track October 31st morning, the city transit TianKuo residential developers forced others?. More than and 100 owners came to the real estate sales department refused to pick up the room, requiring developers to give a statement. In the process of pulling banners owners rights, the two sides dispute, 3 owners were wounded. Crescent Tong police station after treatment, red street office for both sides to mediation. In the street under the mediation, developers and owners representatives face to face consultation. Developers said, will be 7 to 10 working days to come up with hydropower construction plans, to the owners of an account, and is expected to be completed by the end of the standard launch. The owners pull the banner of the two sides in conflict 3 owners were injured in October 30th, the newspaper reported in the city district? TianKuo extension submitted a year, water meter, electric meter not home, but the developers will be 31 mandatory submitted, the owners tried to discuss the statement, but not contact the developers. 31 am, the owners came to the Sales Department of the more than and 100, and the sales department staff are preparing to launch matters. Liu said the owner: the house does not have the conditions for others, we refuse to take the housing. What they mean is that we don’t love it." In the scene photos provided by the owners, the owners refused to pick up the property at the scene to pull banners. At the time of the presence of Ms. Chen said: the owners in the banner, the developers took the phone to shoot. Owners ask each other to delete the photos, the other refused." Then, the other hand. Arm was injured Mr. Wang said, when the developer has been holding a cell phone in the camera, one of the owners on the person holding the camera, the man suddenly hit the face of the owner. Another owner came forward, was also down, after the sales department upstairs there is a group of people with a stick down. The scene was the police. Crescent Tong police station arrived at the scene after the treatment, found that 3 owners were wounded. Subsequently, the 3 owners of admission examination, a nasal bone fracture, two other people and injured. Developers promised 30 people do not have the legal significance of the announcement at noon, the reporter arrived at the real estate sales department. The sales department locked the door, while the wall posters have been torn down, there are several owners before the door. The owners said that all the owners are in Wuhua Hongyun Office of the streets, they also want to rush in the past. About the incident, Wuhua Hongyun Street office will convene owners to the conference room, listen to the demands of the owners, and developers. Mr. Wang lives in the field until May of this year to buy a house, pay ten, paid half of the down payment, the developers did not sign a contract with him. Until yesterday, he learned from a developer on a document, his room number has been hit project. Currently, he only holds a receipt and a subscription agreement. Another retired owner said, "we are the movements of the housing, have saved some money and loan, has now become so." At 3:30 in the afternoon, open the Ping相关的主题文章: