King closed Singapore Studio or give up heavy hand travel kairui

King closed the studio in Singapore: or to give up heavy hand travel now, large hand travel publishers do R & D has become more and more like the traditional game industry. Not long ago, the company has just become a subsidiary of the elimination of hand travel developer King recently announced the closure of Singapore’s Nonstop Games studio. In 2014, with the Facebook "Heroes of Honor" strategy game success, King decided to buy Nonstop Games, for the casual games as "candy legend" developers, mergers and acquisitions can make up for the vacancy of the core game. "After careful consideration, we have decided to close the studio in Singapore," King spokesman said in a statement". It is reported that after the closure will cause some employees to leave King, but the publisher said it has been trying to find a new position for the affected people. The spokesman said, we have a good team, the studio has world-class talent, and we will be able to retain as many people continue to work in King. For employees who leave the company, we strive to ensure the best possible help". In fact, Nonstop is of some significance, because with the adding of Activision, King is no longer the lack of core game IP, the company will continue to make casual games, but now can cooperate and Infinity Ward, Blizzard Entertainment and other traditional core game developers, make up the blank in the core aspects of the game, and the "call of duty", "Diablo", "World of Warcraft" and "StarCraft" are the world famous core game IP, so King have more choices. However, at present, King is still the pursuit of leisure game line, recently released a sequel in the form of "super hero legend" Mobile Games farm, and is currently still in CBS to launch a "candy legend" related TV programs. Nonstop Games is a Singapore joint venture in Finland, in the name of the GamesMadeMe studio was founded in 2011, located in Singapore, 2012 renamed Nonstop Games, after the transformation mainly do touch screen devices Mobile Games and tablet games, acquired by King in 2014. For King, no expression of the core Mobile Games better is always difficult to make up for the defects, especially when not as passive investors for the acquisition of the company by virtue of a single type of high income in the future expressed concern, so although the income is very high, but the company after the listing of the stock price performance is not smooth. With $5 billion 900 million was received under the command of Activision, King is now not the pressure, but according to App Annie, King is now under the framework of the core game of all tests. (gamelook)相关的主题文章: