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KFC fried chicken sunscreen do beauty cosmetics is not good chicken fast food KFC lead: a big step beauty industry, after all we really need these more safe and natural beauty products. Although wit we all believe that this may be just to deal with McDonald’s and the new plan. (source: red show) seek the psychological shadow area of McDonald’s at the moment…… Recently saw KFC to celebrate the 30 anniversary in Hongkong, out of two edible oil: a case here as a cosmetic has been listed as "high risk" — the product of nail polish, has caused us a lot of edible or attention. A small step in the United States and the United States to take a small step in the United States and Canada, a big step, after all, we really need these more natural beauty. Although wit we all believe that this may be just to deal with McDonald’s and the new plan. A picture from the edible oil polish speaking the 30 anniversary of the Hongkong a long way in which is made of natural edible raw materials, corresponding to two colors is the two flavors of "Original Recipe" and "spicy crispy chicken". After the beginning of the long, the official picture looks like the effect is still good after long, so the official picture looks at the effect is good. This seemingly naked color in fact, there is a brown powder. Kentucky nail polish but deft users found that after the trial…… The netizen said that have expired, the main component of the original nail polish is the spice mixture, vegetable gum and did not add any preservatives, so the shelf life of only five days, and the need for refrigeration. So the real effect can not be used for reference, but the official said that after the smear to maintain a day. (this smearing effect is a little spicy smell your eyes) are most concerned about the problem you are most concerned about the smell of spicy crispy chicken taste more chili sauce flavor, chicken flavor, smell with black pepper. In fact, the flavor of the two chicken, but there is no taste of the chicken itself. If you want to taste the taste, you can try it with a nail polish. Fried chicken to chicken flavor sunscreen sunscreen because the actual effect of nail polish is just passable, we began to wonder if it’s really just make us play. However, the goose is separated by a few months time, KFC and sunscreen!!! So hard to climb from the food industry to the beauty industry, it seems really serious?! KFC sunscreen KFC sunscreen crisp crisp SPF30 in accordance with the usual Niao of Kentucky, visual will know that this is certainly not an ordinary bottle of sunscreen. This sunscreen is a limited product in the United States, and after September 30th, it stopped selling! This sunscreen is in the United States to limit product, September 30th stops after the sale, to buy as soon as possible. However, this product can only be sun can not eat, do not coated with a dip in the mouth, and heard that only send not to sell. However, if you add a KFC of a nail polish and put it on the sunscreen you are likely to become a mobile fried chicken. And chowhound who.相关的主题文章: