Ke Zhendong had been away from home for a year. Someone wanted my whole family to die. (video)

Ke Zhendong had to hide the house for a year if go out: anyone want my family to death [Abstract] silence for a while, Ke Zhendong recently in "goodbye" tile city turn, Golden Horse Award for best actor, he admits that lock yourself in the home, afraid to go out will be done and this is the 1 years. Tencent entertainment artist Ke Zhendong in 2014 involved marijuana storm, career stumbled, finished the "time 4" not only did not appear facial features, the name was removed from the performance list; "remember" more directly by catch demon Huanjiao, silent for a while, to see again recently "tile City" turn finalists the golden Horse Award for best actor, he admits that lock yourself in the home, afraid to go out will be done and this article, pass for 1 years. Ke Zhendong in 2014 exposed ceiling Ma event, Deep-Fried Chicken with Chili Pepper a sudden fall, not only the whole drama about flying, also had to face the outside world abuse: "people want me" family to death ", really listen to an awful lot of criticism, but I can understand that everyone has the freedom of speech, I will remember the lessons, work hard." But also because of this gap, in reflection, watching movies, books have become a time when nutrients, also let him more determined their "not acting". "Good bye" tile City is the first time Ke Zhendong starred in independent films, he participated in before this is a commercial film, "before the films, either take place, lines or the script, someone has plans for you very well, as long as you can but do not echo what the books say," goodbye "in Mandalay Zhao Deyin, the director gave me a lot of space to build character, what to catch, to experience, is not easy." He admitted that he had not worked hard enough, and that the whole film had to be performed in Yunnan dialect, and he tried to practice himself to achieve the same level as "local people". In addition not their native language performance, Ke Zhendong and "goodbye" tile City actress Wu Kexi before the actual performance, was also sent to the factory in Thailand, field and local workers living and working, which grew up in the city grew up on him, is undoubtedly a challenge, he laughed and said: "every day I want to leave", and brokers, staff are not in his side, no one can listen to him, he did not want to disturb the director, "childish", all sorts of factors slowly let him become a "depression", unexpectedly with Arab country atmosphere angle color film. The "goodbye Mandalay" nominated "best actor", Ke Zhendong had mentioned his show "goodbye" tile City, did not want to throw away the burden idol, just completely focused on the role, as the actor took the throne, he thinks his chances of winning, and Tony Leung, Jacky Cheung, Wei Fan, Michael Hui 4 elder played, he laughed and said: "you can sit down and chat with 4 seniors is enough". Ke Zhendong had been away from home for a year, afraid of going out: someone asked my whole family to die

柯震东曾躲家中一年怕出门:有人要我全家去死  [摘要]沉寂一阵子后,柯震东近来以《再见瓦城》翻身,入围金马奖最佳男主角,他坦言当时把自己锁在家里,就怕一出门就会被做文章,而这一关就是1年。 腾讯娱乐讯 艺人柯震东2014年卷入大麻风波,演艺事业跌入谷底,拍完的《小时代4》不但没有出现脸部特写,名字也从演出名单中被剔除;《捉妖记》更直接被换角,沉寂一阵子后,近来以《再见瓦城》翻身,入围金马奖最佳男主角,他坦言当时把自己锁在家里,怕一出门就会被做文章,而这一关就是1年。柯震东2014年曝出吸麻事件,当红炸子鸡一下子跌落谷底,不但戏约全飞了,还得面对外界的谩骂:“有人还要我‘全家去死’,真的听了很多可怕的批评,但我都能够理解,大家都有言论自由,我也会记取教训,好好努力。”不过,也是因为有了这段空白期,在家反省、看电影、嗑书的时光都成了养分,也让他更确定自己“不能不演戏”。《再见瓦城》是柯震东首次担纲演出独立制片电影,在这之前他参与的多是商业片,“以前接的电影,不管是走位、台词还是剧本,都有专人为你规划得很好,你只要照本宣科,但在《再见瓦城》可不这么干,导演赵德胤给我很大的空间去塑造角色,什么东西都要自己去抓、去体会,非常不容易。”他坦言过去的自己不够努力,这次全篇电影都得用云南方言演出,他卯起劲来练习,就是要自己达到“和当地人一模一样”的水平。除了用不是自己的母语演出之外,柯震东和《再见瓦城》女主角吴可熙在正式演出之前,也被送到泰国工厂,实地和当地工人生活、工作,这对从小在城市长大的他,无疑是个挑战,他笑说:“我每一天都想离开”,且经纪人、工作人员都不在他的身边,没有人可以听他诉说,他也不想打扰导演,“这样太幼稚了”,种种因素慢慢让他变成一个“压抑的人”,意外地符合片中阿国的角色氛围。此次以《再见瓦城》入围“最佳男主角”,柯震东过去曾提及自己演出《再见瓦城》时,并没有刻意想着要丢掉偶像包袱,只是完全专注在角色中,至于对于夺下影帝宝座,他认为自己胜算不大,和梁家辉、张学友、范伟、许冠文等4位大前辈交手,他笑说:“到时能跟4位前辈坐下来聊天就够了”。 柯震东曾躲家中一年怕出门:有人要我全家去死相关的主题文章: