Kaiser travel listed a year began frequent layout involved in tourism Finance 姉summer

Kaiser listed tourism year frequently involved in tourism layout financial interface Zheng Cuiying from Kaiser travel easy shares backdoor landing A shares for nearly a year, Kaiser recently began to frequent mergers and acquisitions, including the layout of the tourism financial field, and gathered around the short-term travel resources in asia. September 29th Kaiser travel announcement that will be 550 million yuan investment easy to lead the Financial Holding Group Co., Ltd. B round of financing, after the completion of the investment will become easy to live gold suit, the largest shareholder of the company, holds a 7.94% stake in the company, the company will continue to be the largest shareholder of the company, the company will continue to become the largest shareholder of the company, the company will continue to become the largest shareholder of the company. It is said that Kaiser travel and easy to live in the beginning of this year had signed an agreement to carry out in-depth cooperation in domestic and foreign tourism finance and tourism payments. HNA’s easy payment service at present the overall valuation of nearly 8 billion yuan, the intention to build tourism financial services platform Chinese, this year is expected to pay liquidation and turnover of nearly 800 billion yuan. The same as HNA’s enterprise, Kaiser and easy payment service cooperation logical. According to reports, including two ways of cooperation: Kaiser travel and easy payment gateway interface through cooperation, to reduce the cost of issuing prepaid fee; CO branded cards, increasing the rights and interests of the members; focus on acquiring business laying intelligent terminal, and extended to all Kaiser stores; money remittance service outlets with Kaiser stores, currency exchange, consumption tax and other services; cooperation issue electronic trip branch joint card; and prone to small loans launched around the outbound consumer products etc.. Tourism financial market potential has long been revealed, especially in the consumer side, around the tourism prepaid cards, currency exchange, tax rebates, consumer market competition has been staged. National Tourism Administration data show that in 2015 the scale of China’s outbound tourism shopping reached 684 billion 100 million yuan, Chinese tourists in Japan, South Korea and Europe and the United States, the per capita tourism spending has more than $7000. The introduction of zero Shoufu of business earlier this year to get involved in tourism Finance Online Travel Company tuniu, also in the insurance and financial products early layout. Alipay announced cooperation with 10 airports worldwide in September 26th of this year, including China tourists from Tokyo Haneda International Airport, Thailand Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport, and plans to expand the layout in Europe this year. Into the hotel and tourism business of the U.S. group comment in September 27th announced the acquisition of third party payment company purse treasure. In addition, Kaiser tourism announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary of Kaiser with the travel agency intends to 148 million 590 thousand yuan acquisition of Zhejiang business daily 60% stake, became the controlling shareholder of business every day, is thought to contribute to the strengthening of Kaiser in the East China market layout, and increase the Asian outbound short field advantage. Societe Generale Securities statistics show that every business tourism wholesalers in Zhejiang province tourism and airline ticket sales ranked first, with subsidiaries in Zhejiang, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Anhui, Japan, South Korea and other major short-term exit routes. "Kaiser acquisition of Zhejiang outbound tourism leader, will quickly occupied the Zhejiang market, consolidate and expand the company in East China business accounting, relying on the Zhejiang Shanghai cruise home port transport cruise tourists." Societe Generale Securities analysis. October 2015, Kaiser travel easy food shares landing A shares.相关的主题文章: