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Peter Julie divorce early clues: are thought to dominate the other Sohu entertainment JoliePitt divorce had appeared     Sohu; entertainment news; according to Taiwan media reports, Angelina – Julie (Angelina Jolie) and Brad (Brad Pitt) 2004 – Peter CO produced by "Mrs Smith" and Jiaxi true for the next year or even a small cloth and then wife Jennifer? Aniston divorced, but two people now have heard already filed for a divorce, 11 years of love has been broken, and it is very hush, but in fact, their love has long tracked. According to the famous American gossip website "TMZ" reported that Angelina Julie and her husband Brad Pitt for education because of the idea is not the same, has filed for divorce to the court in 15, it is reported that she is to fight for custody of the child, also hired was Johnny – Depp (Johnny Depp) as a representative of her divorce lawyer. Sources broke the news, said Angelina – Julie will make a decision to divorce, because it can not stand the Brad – Pitt parenting style." But what is certain is that they did not intervene before the third, she made such a decision, purely because her husband and children interact so that she can not stand. A message, causing many people to discuss, but also foreign media pointed out that Julie in 2015 with "Telegraph" once said, although seemingly inseparable with small cloth, which arrives to stick together, but two people privately often like many other lovers, there are many arguments: "we between the two belong to our own problems, we also have to dominate each other with the days want their own space."   相关的主题文章: