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Jinhua 1 village Party Secretary for security to raise 6 Tibetan mastiff 199 police to live in the village home in February 16th, three children in Zhejiang Jinhua Pujiang County lost contact, Pujiang launched landair nearly a thousand people rescue. The history of the strongest efforts in the rescue of Zhejiang, CCTV has also been the focus of attention, Pujiang this small town suddenly appeared in the eyes of the people of the country. Recently, Pujiang once again into the topic of the people of Zhejiang. The day before the Jinhua Municipal Public Security Bureau informed the first half of 2016 public security satisfaction survey results, Pujiang County Public Security Bureau to 98.75% overall security and 97.5% overall satisfaction, ranked Jinhua 11 counties (cities, districts) the first phalanx, ranked first in the city. You may have questions, how can this be a hot spot? In fact, two years ago, all the Pujiang public security assessment is the countdown. A short span of two years, including "2.16" rescue operation, so that the public security of Pujiang has become the mouth of the people, good police". When the theft occurred: the village Party Secretary for security raised 6 Tibetan Mastiff in Pujiang county is a village called village of stone three steps every day, the village of more than 1 thousand people, accounting for half of the migrant population. The three step was the village of stone, the village of ten, public order confusion. The village chief recalled: "the battery car on the floor under no more than five minutes. Sleep in a bed, the thief pry the window in front of your face to steal; some thieves rampant, busted instead of chasing you! At that time, the village can be said that every household has been stolen, every month, theft occurred every day." The thief said, too much alarm useless, a daily morning alarm, police arrived at noon, went under the registration. So they don’t call the cops. But Pujiang police is also very aggrieved, when a police station on a few people, simply do not care. "The previous average daily alarm more than and 30, the day will not be able to fix, let alone take time to visit." Mentioned in the past, the police face is helpless. The three step of the village of villagers spontaneously organized the establishment of a private patrol team, the civil fire brigade, there is nothing to rely on the villagers themselves. The deepest impression is one of the 9 thieves tour to the village to steal, Civil Guard caught 5. The chief says, at that time the village as long as there is a stranger riding a car battery in the village, the villagers have to mention the spirit of twelve, a state of extreme nervousness. feeling. At that time, every family are dogs, which is now the village home has raised 6 Tibetan mastiff. It was stolen, I was a batch of export goods, worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, all stolen." The village Party Secretary said. Now: 199 police live to the villagers home security of the people became the city’s first few years ago in Pujiang there seems to be a consensus that the alarm is useless, the people of Pujiang public security is all sorts of complaints. 2013, Pujiang, the satisfaction of the public security assessment in Jinhua is the countdown to the whole of the. But the situation has changed since 2015. In 2015, Chen Weitong was transferred to the Pujiang County Public Security Bureau of Pujiang public security, the implementation of large department reform. Chen Weitong said: before the reform of the case more people less.相关的主题文章: