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Jingdong Kepler two consumers "to buy on-line optimization" – Beijing, Beijing, August 26, "Kepler period can buy, two can buy the whole, three is to sell well, the Jingdong group senior vice president, Jingdong marketing platform manager Xu Lei had said in an interview earlier. Since March of this year officially launched the project, the Jingdong Kepler cumulative attract partners have over 50, can access APP through the Kepler project browse, buy high quality goods and services provided by the Jingdong about 50 million users every day. Currently, the two phase of the project Kepler framework has been completed, will further meet the needs of more customized partners, so that consumers can buy all". In the process of enhancing the user experience, we also explored many possibilities, then access Jingdong Kepler project, in the past the jump and shopping guide platform this two aspects of problems are solved." This is the first access Jingdong Kepler shopping guide platform, what is worth buying CTO Liu Feng mentioned in the evaluation of the project made by Jingdong Kepler. According to what is worth buying to provide the data show that during the 618 period of this year, what is worth buying on the mobile side of the goods from the electricity supplier platform turnover, accounting for the proportion of Jingdong commodity turnover. The conversion rate of the product, compared to December 2015 before working with Kepler, a 4 fold increase in commodity Jingdong; what is worth buying mobile terminal proportion than Kepler before the cooperation, turnover accounted for an increase of 1 times. For the "what to buy" users, after the Jingdong Kepler access project, the most intuitive feeling is in what is worth buying mobile terminal when purchasing account does not need to evoke the Jingdong App or jump to the mobile terminal page is authorized, in what is worth buying inside it can successfully complete the full process of payment orders; "Jingdong App exclusive price" designated channel exclusive benefits, users can also "what is worth buying App in direct experience. From the user experience, which is almost equivalent to what is worth buying App embedded with a Jingdong App this is access to what is worth buying all the unique experience of the electronic business platform. By what is worth buying this more influential shopping guide platform, consumers can already in order to ensure the quality of online shopping experience at the same time, buy the whole Jingdong goods in the mobile application scenarios of their habits ". In fact, the Kepler project has integrated Jingdong, supply chain management, logistics operations, technologies such as big data strong electricity supplier capabilities, through three modes of cooperation (Commission, guide, settled, provide goods buyout), the electricity supplier transactions, logistics, domestic settlement, technical support and other services for mobile developers. Currently, access to mobile applications Kepler project has been around the mobile Internet, including vertical electricity supplier, integral mall, shopping guide category, tools, media, social and other fields. In addition to guide the Commission, the Jingdong Kepler project also provides a settled mode (such as "kitchen") and buyout model (such as China Telecom "Tianyi points mall"). It is understood that the two phase of the project on-line Kepler.相关的主题文章: