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Japan to build a casino   said it would revive the economy; "Andouble economics" vitality – Fujian Channel – people.com.cn original title: Japan’s desire to build casino will revive the economy called "Andouble economics" energize Japan’s NHK television reported that 29 Japanese lawmakers plan this fall to promote the "casino Ban Act" thus, in Tokyo and other big city legal casinos, the revitalization of the economy. To support the construction of the casino’s party in Japan including LDP and some opposition members, they urged Congress to approve the proposal, in order to make full use of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games "a golden opportunity", increase the income of tourism. But a lot of other parties, including the New Komeito party members said that the construction of the casino may let the Japanese economy suffer from "gambling addiction, social security problems caused by the negative effects can not be ignored. NHK television said that the support of the casino lifting the bill, members of Congress to form a coalition of members of the super party, their banner is to set up a complex tourist facilities, including casinos, including". The alliance members include many members of the Liberal Democratic Party and opposition party, the Liberal Democratic Party cadres, one of the core of general president Da Hirono served as president of the league members fine. In April last year, the members of Congress formally submitted to the relevant provisions of the bill to lift the casino bill, but because of strong opposition, the draft has been shelved without consideration. Th of this month, the 29 members of the Union held a meeting of cadres within the Congress, announced that it will fully promote the casino lifting the bill in the fall of Congress passed. Akari Hosoda Hirono said that in order to revitalize the tourism industry, the need to build (including casino), including composite tourism facilities, especially the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games is getting closer." Japan’s current law does not allow casino, but allows the horse racing, rowing and other forms of sports betting, underworld Japan business underground casino outside the law. NHK said, in the eyes of many casinos is considered to be an important way to stimulate Japan’s economic recovery "". Prime Minister Abe Shinzo said in 2014, the construction of the casino is an important part of promoting economic policy. Many members of the Liberal Democratic Party also supports the creation of a casino for Andouble economics into external vitality. According to estimates, if allowed to open casinos in Tokyo and other large cities, Japan can bring at least $40 billion per year of economic income. But the ruling Liberal Democratic Party and other opposition New Komeito allies worry that casinos will make the gambling addiction and crime more serious social problems. New Komeito party, Yamaguchi 29, said in an interview: "should be carefully discussed (Casino ban problem)." Some of the New Komeito party members that to casinos in Japan, may let the Japanese economy suffer from "casino dependency", in the relevant measures is not perfect, do not get involved in the area "as well. (reporter Lu Hao) (commissioning editor Wu Zhou and Shi Yunjuan)相关的主题文章: