Jackie Chan won the lifetime achievement award, led by the award-winning Chinese – Oscar-sorpack

Jackie Chan won the Oscar prize for lifetime achievement award of the Chinese – led by Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Losangeles (reporter Zhang Chaoqun) in November 12, the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (the Academy) awarded the Chinese Council on the 12 day star Jackie Chan and three other American filmmakers Oscar lifetime achievement award, in recognition of their outstanding contribution to the film the art of making the. Jackie Chan is also the first Chinese to receive this award. On the night of the Hollywood in Losangeles Highland Center held the Eighth Council of the Academy Awards ceremony, Jackie Chan appeared dressed in Chinese style gown. He stood up and walked on stage in the audience applause from the guests, and had himself in the film series "rush hour" cooperation in the black star Chris Tucker took the Oscar Oscar?. Jackie Chan of the year award, said: "after 50 years of hard work in the film industry, made more than 200 films, after many broken bones, I finally got the Oscar prize. I am grateful to my hometown Hongkong and my motherland, I am proud of being a chinese." In an interview with Xinhua News Agency reporters, he said: I really feel very honored, but also very surprised. The Oscar prize is too far away for us to think of this comic act. The award I found that they do not just look at my acting is good, but also to see all of my achievements over the years, whether the film or public." The 62 year old Jackie Chan was an actor, screenwriter, director and producer of multiple roles in the 50 years of his career, the film will combine the Chinese Kung Fu Comedy elements and perfect. He starred in the "Police Story" and "homicide" won the Hongkong film awards and Taiwan film awards. Since then, Jackie Chan began to work with Hollywood, launched the "red zone" "rush hour" and other films at the box office and reputation double harvest, won widespread praise in the world. Together with Jackie Chan Oscar won the lifetime achievement award and the 90 year old British film editor Anne Coates?, a 88 year old American casting director Lynn? The masters and the 86 year old American documentary filmmaker Frederic Wiseman?. The Oscar lifetime achievement award is voted by the Council of the Academy of arts. Since 2009, at the annual Academy Awards ceremony.相关的主题文章: