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IPhone7 bright black fired more than 20 thousand cattle: a little expensive yesterday, iPhone7 country line version of the official on sale, the long lines in front of Apple retail stores. Beijing morning news reporter visited found that to buy a mobile phone is in the online booking customers, without reservation temporarily unable to purchase the customer site. In addition, inside and outside the store there are a lot of cattle with real showmanship. In addition to the high spot, which is the new color bright black phone the most sought after, each sold more than 10000 yuan. Although due to the high price of sales is not optimistic, but said the cattle stockpile buchoumai. Reporters found that the official website in the book, in addition to the new color models to delay the delivery of a month or so, other gold, silver, rose gold version are shipped in two or three weeks. Retail store long queues in front of yesterday, the reporter saw at the Wangfujing Apple retail store, a lot of fruit powder in the queue outside (Figure). These lucky people as early as September 9th in the Apple’s official website to book the first batch of iPhone7. College student Liu Hao said, according to his appointment time, more than 10 in the morning can get a new machine. He is in the queue for half an hour, got a crush of iPhone7. In addition, more people came to see the iPhone7 in action. In Chaoyang joy Apple retail store, two dedicated iPhone7 booth full of people before the opening of the new. Each booth of ten sets of iPhone7 mobile phone in the hands of powder were in turn transfer. Booth before the staff side to explain iPhone7 in appearance and technical updates, while explaining how to make an appointment on the official website of the new machine. New color plus million yuan reporter found that, in the apple store inside and outside, many take iPhone7 spot cattle busy to attract business. One of them said cattle, they would have to make an appointment online purchase, get a number of prototype. In addition, some cattle more ostentatiously said, "scarce" bright black real machine, they also have the goods. "But to say in advance, the price is small expensive ah." Reporters asked him to know that the so-called small expensive price, even to a 21100 yuan, the price increase of ten thousand yuan. "You don’t think too expensive, now put out the first batch of mobile phones, the color is basically divided by us, you want to make an appointment, at least two months later." Cattle said, in contrast, iPhone7 Plus because the goods less, the price is more expensive. "Today is not opened yet, but we are not in a hurry, generally after two or three days, people began drying machine in the circle of friends, our business will come." Black models shipped in November affected by supply, iPhone7 actually increase across the board. The reporter found in micro-blog, Taobao, salted fish and other multiple network platform, many people began to "sell" you just get iPhone7 from yesterday morning, the price and the line "cattle" similar to increase several hundred yuan to 1000 yuan, big gold iPhone7 Plus price up to 1500 yuan, but all the color models no, this crazy fare bright black. Apple store staff said that customers can not buy iPhone7 directly in the mobile phone retail store, the official website of the reservation channel will be from today.相关的主题文章: