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IPhone7 and iPhone7  Plus   price 5388 yuan, people.com.cn communication channel, people.com.cn people.com.cn on 8 September,   (Zhao Chao) Beijing time this morning, autumn apple’s new conference held in the United States, released a new iPhone, including iPhone7 and iPhone7 Plus. IPhone 7 uses A10 quad core processor. Two high performance core, faster than A9 faster than two times faster than the A8; the core of the two high-performance, with Apple’s performance controller designed to improve endurance. GPU graphics processing contrast A9 upgrade 2/3, compared to A8 upgrade by three times. Apple said it is currently the most powerful smartphone image processing chip. In terms of endurance, iPhone 7 iPhone 6S improved by more than 2 hours, iPhone more than Plus hours of iPhone 6S Plus more than 1 hours. The same as the previous generation of iPhone, the new iPhone shape is not much change, but the antenna is not seen; performance, iPhone7 and iPhone7 Plus have joined the waterproof and dustproof function. IPhone 7 to support the level of water to reach the IP67 level, although the level of less than the level of diving like Apple Watch, but get out of the rain or something, is not a problem. In addition, the IP67 level can achieve dust, the fuselage gap control is better, the fuselage can withstand a more stringent environment, more serious dust pollution. Another significant change is that the two iPhone canceled the 3.5mm headphone jack, using the Lightning interface. Of course, this interface is also the charging interface. In order to facilitate the transition, apple provides an adapter, so you can still use 3.5mm headphone jack headset. IPhone 7 in the camera, iPhone rear camera with 12 million pixels, joined the three axis optical anti shake technology, using the 6 layer of lens. Flash performance, brightness increased by 50%. Front 7 million pixel camera, self more stable. In iPhone 7 Plus body, apple joined the dual 12 million pixel camera, the new growth of the lens is a wide-angle lens. That is to say, a wide-angle a telephoto. ISP image processor can automatically adjust the depth of virtual background images, but the function of free updates in the later will be. China as the first country iPhone 7, the price has been announced on the official website. IPhone 7:32GB version priced at 5388 yuan, 128GB version priced at $6188, 256GB version priced at $6988, iPhone 7 Plus:32GB version priced at $6388, 128GB version priced at $7188, 256GB version priced at 7988 yuan. There are four kinds of rose gold, gold, black and silver, if you相关的主题文章: