Inventory of the 5 fastest in 2016, the number of things you have a

Inventory of the 5 fastest in 2016, the number of things you have a few? Gold rose, the yen rose, black goods rose, the property market needless to say, even the cemetery has gone up…… 2016, you want to get unexpected, many assets have appreciated! He rose this disappear, melt 360 small make up the fastest of the 2016 devaluation of the 5 things, to see how many of you? The renminbi this year, pink hair grandpa falling, swap and just need to play QDII2’s investors have tasted the pain of cutting one’s body. RMB and foreign exchange market relative to the supply and demand of money, but also by the international economic trends. Many investors ask financial 360 small, is not the run to the bank for $wait for appreciation? In fact, if no need to go abroad, and did not reach the 1 million threshold of foreign currency financing, the devaluation of the basic spread to you destruction, for dollars may not be enough to pay a fee. Game currency "from a yuan for a gold coin, to one yuan for thousands of gold coins, a difference of thousands of dollars!" A friend into 360 small has over ten years of the yuan this year she found the game player, game currency and coins depreciate faster, a lot of the latest release of the game, one or two months gold depreciation rate is as high as 80%. New online games continue to emerge, R & D companies and playing the gold team are eager to squeeze the oil from the game in this piece of fat, virtual currency is in a severe devaluation. Friends told the financial 360 small series, a little experienced players, are aware of the importance of inflation and inflation: "I have not saved gold coins, buy gold coins immediately replaced with props." The collection "Wenwan Saatchi collection, gone gold." Is not to say that 2016 is "troubled times", but the indisputable fact is: gold rose, the collection is so weak. Can not afford to lose do not play collection." Not every Wenwan will rise, the market most of the collections in the fall. In the deteriorating economic environment under the background of a more homely food is. Thaw 360 small series of the most impressive than "Wenwan king" Wenwan walnut, 4, 5 years ago was in the collection industry, limelight without the two. Because demand in those years farmers pulled down guapeng bean rack, walnut, rush on like a swarm of hornets, leading to pile up in excess of requirement prices fell cliff type, general goods, since this year has basically been unable to get up after a fall. Electric cars from the first ignition began to depreciate, but different types of cars, the rate of depreciation is different. Melt 360 small make up here to say is electric car. Although the government subsidies, vigorously promote the traditional automotive market, the attitude of the electric car is always subtle. There are users Tucao, 300 thousand electric vehicles, only to open for 4 months, the price of second-hand car market fell to $130 thousand. Less than half a year, the depreciation of 60%, too pit father – after all, the average depreciation rate of the family car only about 10% per year. Electric vehicles belonging to the new energy vehicles, although the prospects are good, very environmentally friendly, but now the market is not a small amount of ownership, the recognition is not high, especially in the economic downturn this year, the depreciation rate is inevitable. In other words, the car is used to buy home to open, if you do not intend to buy, do not tangle the value of depreciation. Academic diplomas have expanded in recent years.相关的主题文章: