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[introduction] the government should open government information island – Theory –   people.com.cn using big data; [06] exclusive "Xi Jinping  " allusions to people for the government;     Lide slim papers;   Dusing   quexuepian   Ren Xian article   the world;   faith   innovation     rule of law; dialectical discourse [] "learning anthology anthology" Learning: the G20 summit in Hangzhou is to lead the world’s new starting point on the road to learn [] of the General Secretary Xi precise poverty idea and theoretical basis of   the party is to make people Comrade Xi Jinping stressed that the party in charge of personnel. Is the main macro, policy, coordination and service, all the specific issues rather than by the party to do the work of talents. However, in practice, some leading cadres and the Organization Department of personnel management simply apply cadres to the party, not only the principle of talent management innovation also restrict the deformation of shape, the creativity of talents. For this tendency, should be corrected. The purpose of party management talent is to make good use of talent. To maximize the leverage effect and radiation effect of the party being in charge of personnel work, make use of talents, encourage talents innovation, release the maximum efficiency of talent, talent to achieve maximum value, is the goal and direction of the Party Managing talents. [with]   open government information island the current use of big data, the phenomenon of information island has become the constraints of decentralization, put the tube combination, an important factor to optimize service reform. The so-called information island, refers to the government information data stored in the information system is divided in different departments, to achieve interoperability, sharing, integration and utilization, it is difficult for the residents, enterprises and social organizations to provide a complete, efficient and convenient public service. The existence of government information islands, is not conducive to improving the efficiency and transparency of the government, the masses have a lot of opinions. For example, the community generally reflects the strong public affairs to be repeated in various departments, administrative examination and approval links and other complex phenomena, are closely related to the presence of government information islands. Therefore, how to use big data open government information island urgent essay. [details]   RMB into the basket, what benefits do we have? Experts believe that the renminbi "basket", on the whole, the market expectations of RMB will increase, it will be a more stable and more widely accepted currency, people will have more confidence to hold RMB assets, and then reduce the wallets of pressure ", but to immediately let overseas hawkers are willing to accept RMB cash payment, unrealistic. Assistant president of the University of foreign trade Ding Zhijie believes that the RMB into the basket is conducive to improving its recognition and payment rate in the international market, the market will enhance the confidence of the renminbi. To a certain extent, it will reduce the resistance to the use of the RMB, foreign enterprises and individuals will also increase the degree of acceptance of the rmb. [ ]; Chinese standard is lower than the international standard, "the comparative results show that the overall level of China’s consumer goods safety standards compared with foreign countries is not low." The National Standards Committee..相关的主题文章: