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Inner Mongolia like "air Grassland" Mid Autumn Moon – tourists have cited Beijing News Agency Xinhua: Inner Mongolia Hohhot in September 16 as "air Grassland" Mid Autumn Moon reporter Zhang Wei cited many tourists coming Mid Autumn Festival, an invigorating autumn climate Inner Mongolia prairie ushered in a tourist season, many tourists at home and abroad over the Mid Autumn Festival, the moon in the grassland. Beijing is located in the seven ring of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region city of Wulanchabu, because of its beautiful natural scenery and convenient transportation, at home and abroad frequently brush sense of presence. Is located in the territory of Wulanchabu Huitengxile grassland is the world’s best preserved flowers of alpine meadow and preserved here undulating hills, ravines, every year from May to September, flowers everywhere, tourists. "At the same time, Wulanchabu is Asia’s largest wind power, wind power station stands for thousands of cars in the fields in the form of a Huitengxile grassland landscape and the one and only green flowers." Tianjin tourists Wang Mian a Huitengxile grassland since the arrival of the Mid Autumn Festival, such a description of Grassland "sunset, full moon night, you can see the sun and the moon in the sky and the wonderful; full moon night, the moonlight will outline the windmills, flowers and grassland into a painting called" air grassland. "." Huitengxile grassland area of 210 thousand acres of flowers, 80%-90% vegetation coverage, grassland is well preserved, and confirm the eighteen grass treasure grass, 2008 was included in Inner Mongolia scenic area, an average of 1 million tourists. Inner Mongolia Huitengxile Grassland Tourism District Deputy General Manager Fan Zhigang told reporters: "now many tourists are willing to take the family to travel the way the holidays, and in mid September to early October is autumn yellow leaves, prairie a golden. Mid Autumn Festival this year, more than a lot of tourists last year, nearly 700 people on the day of the Mid Autumn Festival, a small holiday is expected to receive more than 2000 tourists." For Mongolia people, but their mid autumn festival, but the Xilin Gol prairie "shepherd’s home is in the Mid Autumn Festival ushered in the streams of people busily coming and going of Chinese and foreign tourists. Is located in the territory of Taipusiqi in Xilingol Grassland on the Bao Gong Bao Lagos Mongolia package Leningrad autumn night lights, bustling. He told reporters: "my treasure small package Mongolia can host 600 people at the same time, the basic full autumn night. We also follow feel happy mid autumn festival." Inner Mongolia in the northeast of Hulun Buir Grassland, the Mid Autumn Festival is to usher in a number of distant guests, 48 Malaysia tourists to the northern grasslands of the mid autumn festival. "China has the poem ‘the sea rises the bright moon, the horizon is at this time’, this time is" the prairie rises the bright moon, the horizon is at this time ". Can spend the Chinese Traditional Festival Mid Autumn Festival in the Hulun Buir prairie, experiences the Chinese family the happy reunion and the prairie characteristic mid autumn night is very special experience." Malaysia tourists Lee Chain Hong said. At the same time, they are attracted by Hulun Buir’s grassland, ethnic and ice and snow tourism products, the two form a great complementary resources. Hulun Buir Tourism Bureau official said that the first Malaysia相关的主题文章: