In Xinjiang autumn and Tibetan style in a body, she is the most beautiful place – Gansu tourism Sohu

In Xinjiang autumn and Tibetan style in a body, she is the most beautiful place – Gansu tourism Sohu did not go to the northwest, do not know China large, magnificent scenery. When it comes to Gansu, the impression seems to be the only Dunhuang flying Zhangye murals and colorful Danxia landform. In fact, there is a place in Gansu, she was a backpacker and landscape photographer about folk songs, now become outdoor from the classic car enthusiasts favorite route. (photo: @ do) here, have isolated Tibetan villages, eternal life (traditional figure: @ mist wandering alone here, there) the vast expanse of natural grassland, clear clear plateau lake here, brown wall Jinding Temple religious, pious ordinary people today, Feekr take you to visit the Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Northwest Gannan Chinese, while an invigorating autumn climate plateau of the vast and splendid feeling, in autumn, away from the mundane Tibetan plain pure life experience. In the thousands of years of experience in Tibetan village life unlike the other land of idyllic beauty Chinese Tibet, already with the tourism development process, has become increasingly commercialized, even the life of people, living village have become commercial attractions. In Gannan, hiding in the Glen Tibetan village still retains a timeless way of life for generations. In the || tie – encounter God’s garden of Eden (Figure @Charles_Jing) (Figure: @ xingshe peak) in early 1922, the "National Geographic" photographer Joseph? Rock deep in Diebu County in the northwest of Gannan Chinese, came to the long history study lamented: "I have seen such a beautiful scenery, if" Genesis ", the author saw Diebu beauty, will be the birth of Adam and Eve to put in here". (photo: @ Gaojiaku) in the eyes of Rock, a long history that is worthy of the name of the land of idyllic beauty. The autumn long history that was shrouded in a yellow and green colors, col along the stream to a terraced fields of barley, growth in the gratifying, Tibetans in the golden barley fields bent busy harvesting, as if a heavy color painting frame. Along the way, two red cheeks of the little girl drove the cattle and sheep home, his face filled with a happy smile. On the hillside overlooking the climb in the sunset bar, according to col, as if shrouded in a mysterious light, if just touching the rainbow will After rain the sky looks blue., appeared in the mountains, the whole village will become increasingly attractive. Dole || Gou Bu Cun – everlasting sheep Tibetan life (Figure: @ Jincheng old Wen) way to Duoer ditch tributary white Longjiang along Duoer River, the river was moist, Duoer ditch deep in the mountains of this valley become moist mild climate, four seasons. With her across the mountain of Jiuzhaigou, it is said that soon after the tunnel connection between the two places will be more convenient. (photo: @ Deng Hai Xianyang) to ER Gou sheep cloth Village, found the village is full of local materials, Tibetan style houses built pedal housing. Standing height overlooking the village, a water mill along the mountain well-proportioned river like arrangement.相关的主题文章: