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In the "good man" young battlefield rock is left Qiao Renliang’s faith [Abstract] Qiao Renliang, I do not know how so many people think that they and the screen in front of the TV we are back, that there is laughter and tears, tears, passionate moments. Distressed! 3 minutes to go back to Qiao Renliang career moments of Tencent (Wen Xiaopang planning April) entertainment Zhuangao Qiao Renliang left let everyone be taken by surprise, the Mid Autumn Festival holiday has not been finished, and a month is his 29 birthday. An interview with his friends in the circle of friends, said: "he gave us the editorial department of everyone with sugar, said happy Christmas eve. I remember that he was not happy unhappy, he said he could not sleep insomnia, he was a big pressure." The company subsequently issued a statement saying that he was suffering from depression because of false reports and serious injuries, which is why he left. And today lamented that he is still so young, who may have been injured in his speech at the point of praise. Every user is harsh, with our people to have a word or two intersection star comment, and a lot of words to tart in real life, we cannot say to any one person. Qiao Renliang starred in the movie has not been under the screen, starred in the upcoming broadcast of the TV series, as well as a variety show waiting for him to record. From his first movie "nightclubs", now being released "our ten years", he appeared in more than and 20 films, more than and 10 TV series, he is not in the limelight, people may say a few of his character’s name, but from the beginning of the road, now a little acting out gradually, he in shaping the role of each solid on the screen, he has been doing some of the duty as an actor. The first movie "nightclubs" "Lu Zhen legend" (Opera) plays the emperor Gao Yan "beautiful edge Grand Adventure" as Xiang Yingdong in "a band is really just the love of Qiao Renliang" actor road go smoothly, almost makes people forget he wants to be a singer’s intention. Lee Hom is his idol, he had run away from home to participate in the singing contest, in order to see idol side, the reality is very good, he saw Lee Hom. Rock is one of his dreams, he has his own band Pink7, on the show, just as the combination can have a larger stage, but the reality is cruel, the company refused to sign the entire portfolio. Qiao Renliang’s band Pink7 he is a man of passion for rock, rock is defined as the teacher asked what philosophy is philosophy, with a word absolute that is not clear, in short, like chat chat as religious beliefs, but my faith is rock." In 2012, he released an album of rock albums, which he made his fans over the music for three years, which made him feel sorry for the fans. In the interview, he said: "as long as it is with the band, standing on the stage of this form is their favorite." But in the Pink7 then in the absence of a band, because he "group a band is just like love, when to shoot, how to do the band brothers? This is irresponsible." Fans apologize in his album:相关的主题文章: