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In the autumn of 2016 study recruitment thousand Posts recruit "returnees" – Beijing, Beijing, September 19 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Ma Haiyan) China approved by the Ministry of education, Ministry of Education Service Center will be held in Beijing in October 22nd 2016 Autumn International Recruitment Fair cum high-end talent recruitment, is expected to more than 1000, more than one covering the field of economics, software engineering, electronic information science and technology, legal and cultural education. Deputy director of the Ministry of Education Service Center Xu Peixiang held today at the conference, to participate in this study recruitment unit will be more than 120, including state-owned enterprises, financial and insurance institutions, foreign-funded enterprises and private high-tech enterprises. This recruitment will continue to be committed to build a return to study abroad and the recruitment of units in-depth communication and exchange platform to attract more overseas talents to return to work. The recruitment will be through China’s foreign embassies (LED) education department (Group) website for publicity, so as to get the recruitment information. Students can also visit the recruitment online service system in advance to search for jobs, targeted to communicate with employers and exchanges, and online registration by way of printing admission tickets. The Ministry of Education Service Center for five consecutive years has held eight sessions of study recruitment, brings together more than 900 domestic well-known enterprises participants, provide jobs more than one, the number of candidates a total of more than 20 thousand passengers. There are thousands of students through the study recruitment work agreement signed with the employer. In addition, in order to meet the students understand the relevant national policy requirements, recruitment day will also provide the country (territory) advisory services academic degree certification, file storage, settled in employment and other related business, in order to solve the various problems encountered after returnees. According to reports, as the only Chinese country (territory) academic degree certification agencies, the Ministry of education service center by the end of 2014, has completed the certification assessment of nearly 100 kinds of Diploma in 670 thousand involving 110 countries. (end)相关的主题文章: