In September, mainland tourists or set a new record in the

In September, mainland tourists to Taiwan by most of the record – Beijing, China News Agency, Taipei in October 25, Taiwan Tourism Bureau announced on the 25 September statistics in September this year, the number of tourists to Taiwan, mainland tourists to visit Taiwan, only 214764 people, representing a decrease of more than 130 thousand people, or as high as 37.79%, visitors more reduced nearly 50%. Since 2008 opening Taiwan to mainland tourists worst data. Integrated media reports, September is the tourist season in Taiwan, but the number of mainland tourists to reduce drag, even in September this year, the total number of visitors to Taiwan also representing a decrease of 7.78%, is the first time in the past 13 years the number of tourists to Taiwan in September negative growth. Taiwan administrative authority, the transport authorities have pointed out that although the number of passengers off the land less, other areas of tourists increased, the overall number of tourists to Taiwan is still rising. But in September the whole show visitors for the first time in more than and 10 years of negative growth, highlighting the mainland tourists by expanding the tourism industry in Taiwan is increasing impact. In order to save the overall downturn in the market, Taiwan Tourism Bureau research intends to relax the land and freedom, will correct the "mainland China to Taiwan in the sightseeing license approach, the relaxation of the free exercise of mainland tourists to Taiwan, the limit of the number of days that financial, cancel travel agency margin three aspects, hoping to break from Backpackers, students and so on, to" turn on the tap". (end)相关的主题文章: