I like the world as treasure of the world in China at the beginning of next year is expected to laun jcuv是什么车

I like the world as "treasure of the world" in China at the beginning of next year is expected to line ChinaJoy this year, announced the 360 game agents operating pixel sandbox game "treasure the world" (Trove), and Xu Yiran recently in Shanghai to attend the 360 game business executive agent products conference said, "treasure of the world" if no accident will be launched in early 2017. "Treasure of the world" at the beginning of the 2017 line Xu Yiran said, is "treasure of the world" to actively apply for the number, if there is no accident, at the beginning of next year and will consider all game player to meet, but also unexpected factors, that is not good. "Treasure of the world" and "my world" is like "treasure of the world" by "rift (RIFT)" and "rebel" (Defiance) developer Trion Worlds, the style is very much like "my world", launched in July 2015 in the Steam platform, the acclaimed. "Treasure of the world" game world "treasure of the world" and now has 14 diversified occupation, 12 kinds of living environment, the main idea of the free world, support people convenient on-line, to provide free construction and unlimited adventure two modes. From a world of individual game player in the game, home support free construction, will be the product of a powerful and unconstrained style imagination into reality. Players can freely shuttle in different worlds, to build their own utopia. "Treasure of the world" in addition to "treasure" screenshots of the game world, 360 games had been "civilized" and "agent OL Cross Fire 2" end tour masterpiece, on these two products, "said Xu contend" still OL civilization improvement process, while SmileGate CF2 is still in the development stage, there is no more accurate the on-line time. Sina’s statement: sina.com.cn posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: