I don’t want my daughter to go wrong again-ddrtys

I don’t want to let her daughter go wrong net exposure as follows: I don’t want to let her daughter go wrong — the open letter to the public good: I was Jane Zhang’s mother, Zhang Guiying, over the years has something very important has been pent up in my heart, I Qinsinanan feelings, this problem what is Liangying and Feng Ke. I faced a difficult decision now, desperation had to talk it out, please help me to judge and get an idea, I believe we can understand a mother’s mood. When you see Liangying and Feng Ke will be in Italy next month wedding news yesterday, as Liangying mother I, is also reported by the media to know the home of relatives and friends to congratulate the telephone, I also don’t know what happened! The report said, Liangying will invite some relatives and friends to participate in the wedding, and now, I belong to the family and friends in the pro? Or "friends"? Or "good friend"? I don’t know, because until now, Liangying didn’t tell me the news. The daughter married, for a mother is the most important thing in life, to outsiders, my daughter to find a husband, finally have a good destination, but for me it is not. Liangying debut has been more than 10 years, the past 10 years, how is Liangying step by step to today, I believe no one is more clear than my mother. At that time the family life is not rich, I work in a transportation company, that is where I work, is where Liangying grew up, at that time, we had always accompanied, though life is hard, but we are enjoying the happiness. Liangying likes singing, since childhood, often come back from school, the window will be heard her voice, I knew she was home. As Liangying grew up, he became more and more interested in music. She went to Chengdu alone as a singer in a concert house in 2003, when she was only 19 years old, when Liangying and Feng Ke got to know him. At that time, Feng Ke through the music house, a name of Yao’s female singer to know Liangying, think that the singing is very good, want to make her, she is just a little girl, after listening to the special joy of the, but also in. After a period of time, Liangying will take me to the front of the two, said the people want to communicate with the, when the wind and Liangying said he had been divorced for three years. But I did not believe him, because Feng Ke feels it is a kind of a model, I think he may not divorce, but Liangying said to me: "believe it or not, anyway, I have been divorced for three years." Liangying and I grew up with each other, each mother to their child protection well, of course I don’t want her to be cheated, for what Feng Ke said I have been confirmed later half believe and half doubt everything, is a lie, and similar lies in thirteen years has been accompanied by her.相关的主题文章: