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I am Chinese! Jackie Chan Oscar is wearing a costume with why burning? The Sina entertainment is the Luo Jun column water fertilizer Duang you can not stop questioning at a stop, playing for 56 years, his bones are broken by Jackie Chan, finally got the Oscar prize for lifetime achievement. When he was wearing costumes hand Oscar, he said, "he was Chinese proud"! This sentence, burn out! In November 13th, Jackie Chan appeared in Losangeles, to receive the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awarded the honorary chairman of the Oscar Award for lifetime achievement award. Jackie Chan is the first award of the Chinese, the fourth award of the Asian film, other winners include the two Japanese film master Kurosawa (1989) and Hayao Miyazaki (2014), and India famous director Satyajit Ray (· Satyajit Ray) (1991). Fan Bingbing wrote a letter congratulations brother! 56 years of hard road, your faith and perseverance, so that Jackie Chan become the world’s well-known Chinese symbols! When one makes a real achievement, he becomes known! You’ve always been our pride!" Huang Xiaoming wrote "Chinese pride congratulations brother won the Oscar Award for lifetime achievement, deserved China symbol". Congratulations, Li Bingbing! World film history forever Jackie Chan! Pride of the Chinese people!!" Lee Hom appeared on the scene in addition to the ceremony to help Jackie Chan, micro-blog also drying out a picture of two and wrote "the first Oscar actor Jackie Chan in the history of Chinese @". Surely someone will ask the same question: why? In fact, Jackie Chan’s life is to answer this question, with his film. And someone will ask, "what’s so great about Oscar?" With the words of netizens to answer you: then you also take a look at me? Today’s Chinese film, really does not need the blessing of Oscar, but Oscar prize world influence, needless to say, Jackie Chan’s Oscar, of course, is the glory of the Chinese, more important is, this year early into the Hollywood was because the Chinese identity is Hollywood contempt, mocking Chinese finally, dignified and imposing on Oscar the podium spoke as a Chinese proud, and he has the qualifications to say that, it is hard in exchange for many times, this award, but also more fuel? The Oscar prize is deserved by Jackie Chan, but also the Chinese action movie deserved, but for the Chinese film, the real thing to think about is, after the next, where is the next Jackie Chan?   after the Japanese film after Kurosawa, and Hayao Miyazaki, Hayao Miyazaki, and rising to Chinese film, Makoto Shinkai, Jackie Chan old, Chinese raised Oscar next, who is?   Jackie Chan took a Oscar Lifetime Achievement Award, how to come to a half of Hollywood? No exaggeration to say that Jackie Chan won the Oscar prize of the scene, he is shown in Hollywood today’s status is not what an Asian get Oscar Award for lifetime achievement awards site, can sit down half of Hollywood. For Jackie Chan, he was at the peak相关的主题文章: