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Hugo is run away "to save the kidnapped by what B2B travel subsidies? Sohu – tourism circle of friends was the evening of September 16th, the travel agency practitioners scraper, tourism B2B platform Hugo with Shanxi, Shaanxi tourism, Gansu supplier accumulated about 17 million yuan accounts run away. Hundreds of billions of Internet companies in the amount of financing, which may not be a big figure. But for some small travel providers, this is the bulk of their liquidity. "So much trouble, some small clubs may not be." One supplier said. The venture financing large burn, foot capital chain debts run away such a scene, let many practitioners feel "deja vu". In the enclosure – account – Subsidies delay debt run away the strange time behind the B2B tourism business model in the end what? Powerhouse network interviewed a number of senior practitioners, to discuss how to save the kidnapped B2B travel subsidies. Articles 17 million accounts run away disappeared in September 16th, tourism suppliers Zhang Yue (a pseudonym) issued a circle of friends that Zhang Yue and several colleagues to find suppliers Hugo tourism office, hoping to recover the arrears of nearly 1 months of account, but found the room empty Hugo tourist office. Vendors find Hugo travel accounts in the company, a record company in Shanxi, Shaanxi, in Gansu, the more than and 150 tourist supplier accounts a total of about 17000000 yuan. "Several suppliers in Shanxi hundreds of thousands of every basic" Zhang Yue said that he started in June this year and Hugo tourism cooperation agreement for a period of 7 days. Prior to August, the arrival time accounts are very punctual, we did not find any problems. But by mid August, Hugo tourism began to delay the account period. "It says the account period postponed for 15 days, but 15 days later, we still have not received any payment." In order to ensure the safety of funds, the end of August, Zhang Yue stopped Hugo travel trading platform, but this unique tourism account has been in arrears of up to hundreds of thousands of. Since then, he and his colleagues repeatedly to Hugo tourism accounts for, but the answer is "no money". Until in Hugo the tourism office, they found that the other party has run away. Angry suppliers in the circle of friends issued a reward message, looking for the person in charge of the company. In September 18th, the crack network reporters call 400 hotline and Hugo tourism official telephone, no one answered. High subsidies mode is kidnapped by Hugo tourism company supplier as the "Taiyuan brigade trace culture media Co. ltd.". In the official website of the profile, the company was founded in 2013, is an industry wide advertising agency, while the operation of hand travel intermodal products, mobile media platform independent, independent APP distribution channels and other services. While another section of the introduction, the company in 2015 to start the tour B2B platform project, and in the test on line operation in July. A Shaanxi vendor said, when just entered the Shaanxi market, Hugo travel subsidies in about 3%. In his view, this is still a reasonable range". But then.相关的主题文章: