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How to turn the country’s version of "the game of power" in the book of animal husbandry on the sea? Beijing,, August (Xinhua) in recent years, the film industry has grown rapidly, with the development of all aspects of maturity, the role of film and television marketing highlights. How to do marketing, become worthy of discussion in the present film marketing under the problem of chaos. Recently in the TV drama circle the most exciting project is also broadcast the "sea and clouds" (later referred to as "Sea Shepherd"), this drama by users and industry big coffee known as the Chinese version of "the Lord of the rings", Chinese version of "game of Thrones" and "the most anticipated TV drama network almost zero bad reputation. For a TV series has not yet been released, to get such a solid reputation, pre marketing work. The whole case marketing team is the industry is quite low-key headlines, this time, and the headlines from the marketing point of view together, "Sea Shepherd": 1 Sea Shepherd early difficulty? Good horse how to match the saddle? Today, the Sea Shepherd is undoubtedly a good phenomenon of the project. But in the early days, many people in the industry have said that the Sea Shepherd is not a public good projects. On the one hand, in recent years, Xian Xia fantasy drama frequent, and many frontline artists and works of large-scale investment, but because the production technology and the level limit, this kind of work is often criticized; on the other hand, the sea and view of the world structure and plot setting of grand TV drama interpretation is difficult; in addition, the sea animal husbandry 300 million + cost really belongs to the first tier TV industry investment scale, but the casting — especially a year ago, but not the TV lineup will greatly reduce the topic of sea animal husbandry entertainment. But the headline team will undoubtedly see behind this work opportunity, "headline team has its own judgment and selection criteria, then we were optimistic about the" Sea Shepherd "temperament, finds that it will counter attack." Zhang Bo, head of marketing for headlines. She said, "Sea Shepherd" has a high degree of professional, the whole movie creation team, which won the Golden Horse Award for best photography director Cao Dun, the author of the original work for what is this, small time series modeling guidance Huang Wei, "kick ass" action director Zhang Peng et al; the team has started shooting in the construction group for the previous year, concept map, mining scene, complete garment making are beyond any other fantasy drama scale; and "Sea Shepherd" itself as a complete and independent view of the world’s magic IP in the current Xian Xia fantasy drama become an independent school. "And now the drama market is actually a variable." Media headlines founder Tang Haiwei said: "the sea" and "producer Wang Heran is a very Kyushu for his work and feelings, full of hope and enthusiasm. Based on this, he in the promotion process of strategy of trust and cooperation has given great support and cooperation in the full understanding of the time." The TV series will not cast marketable? Headlines media believes that the film and television works in the end to win the content, "Sea Shepherd" solid content preparation and full of sincerity of the film class excellent production team to make them believe that the Sea Shepherd is a good horse worthy of investment. 2 "Sea Shepherd" of how to A new force suddenly rises. "相关的主题文章: