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How to serve the prison in the city jail? Sohu news September 23rd, the media in the form of detailed disclosure of the text of the internal situation of the Department of justice Yan City prison, which is located in Hebei, Yanjiao G102 State Road next to the prison for the first time unveiled the mystery. "Politics" (WeChat ID:gcxxjgzh) noted that in December 11th last year, the Beijing High Court made Bogu Kailai reprieve from reduced to no period of ruling, said the first time Gu Yan City prison in. Previously, found guilty of intentional homicide, Bogu Kailai was sentenced to death in August 2012. In addition to the thin Valley to open, Yan City prison is also holding a number of high-profile crime criminals. As the only one by the Justice Department directly under the jurisdiction of the prison, and it mainly held provincial officials Qincheng prison and known as the "central" prison. Official reports show that at the beginning of the construction of Yan City prison, when he was Secretary of the central political and Law Commission Luo Gan had asked: adhere to the first-class facilities, first-class management, first-class team. So, thin valley open and other prisoners, how to serve here? Yan City prison full secret "government affairs" (WeChat ID:gcxxjgzh) noted that the series of photos show Yan City prison, prison and the traditional cold and dark compared to wall Yan City prison within the prison area of building office buildings, all buildings were painted with warm color pigment. According to the disclosure, want to enter inside the prison, the first for the visitor card, recording head at the gate, but also through the layers of checks as airport security. Inmates of the bedroom for eight people, points on the bed design, for safety reasons, the bed is made of wood with no edges and corners. A bedroom in the photo shows the spread of inmates bed mat, quilt folded into "chunks" placed in the corner. According to reports, the prison area police officer, the inmates of the house to refer to the military standard requirements, this project has also been included in the prisoners score assessment to help them fight for commutation opportunities. In addition, the prison area also has a reading room, inmates can read the latest journals, but also through the prison network on the computer, learning, shopping, about psychological counseling. Every night at 7, the prisoners will focus on watching the news network. "Politics" (WeChat ID:gcxxjgzh) noted that the release of Criminal Science Institute of Beijing Normal University professor Jacky Wu "led me to the teachers and students in the school went to the Ministry of justice Yan City prison to carry out the practice teaching of" one article, also confirmed the specific part of Yan City prison in. The article said that in the afternoon of March 24, 2014, the hospital teachers and students came to Yan City prison, when visiting the prison, to see the general criminal is a prison for 8 people. Four wooden bunk beds, a rectangular desk, two wooden chairs. The quilts are stacked neatly. There is also a large storage cabinet, each prisoner has two small cabinets, you can put their clothes and other supplies. Bathroom set on the right hand side of the door. It is full of shoes, shoes, although many, but very neat. In addition, Yan City prison every prison door on the top of the head there is a TV set, and the installation of electronic monitoring and monitoring probe. The piano in the reading room相关的主题文章: