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Marriage-Wedding First, I want you to know that you are definitely not the only person whose marriage may be falling apart. Many married couples have experienced the same issue at some point. Just wanting or wishing to save the marriage is not enough, one has to take action. But then again, you must take the right actions, because the wrong actions can ruin your relationship even more. If I was the husband and wanted to get my wife back, I surely would not be sitting on my bum and wait for her to come back. At a minimum, I would try to figure out why the marriage is not working in the first place.To save the marriage, it is crucial to know what is going wrong in the relationship and eliminate them if possible. The most common problems are the man and woman are not getting what they need. This happens because, usually married couples tend to take each for granted after they have lived together for several years. Even the intensity of the romance decreases as priority changes in life. But these should never happen if one wants a happy lifelong marriage.Do you know what it was that attracted you and your spouse to each in the good old days when you were still dating? It’s appreciation and attention . Man craves for attention from the woman in his life. And woman wants appreciation for the things she does for the man. Very often, just showing attention and appreciation could save the marriage.Please, before you go for a divorce and end your marriage for good, consider taking these little steps and take a chance at saving your marriage. It took you so many years to build and nurture this relationship, you can’t just let it go. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: