How To Find & Research Leadership Information

UnCategorized Leadership is a truly fascinating subject isn’t it? There are few topics on which so much could be said by so many. The number of leaders in the world is growing at a great pace in line with global growth, however getting your hand on quality leadership materials can often be a lot harder than it has to be. You may want to research leadership because you’re doing a school essay, a university paper or perhaps even a dissertation. Heck, I even receive correspondence from students .pleting PHDs relating to leadership, asking if they can reference my articles, so this certainly shows how many academics are looking for leadership knowledge. However it isn’t just the academics that want to get a hold of leadership articles. Young, aspiring leaders usually can’t get enough of leadership material. Their desire for success is so strong that they spend hours in their spare time reading famous personal development books that will help them be.e successful. Then there is the third type of individual – the development-conscious active leader. This is someone who has already achieved a leadership position of sorts, but either wants to increase the success of their teams and their operations, or wants to be promoted further upstream into positions such as the COO, (Chief Operating Officer), CEO (Chief Executive Officer) or perhaps the Chairman of the board. Here’s how to get your hands on the best leadership information: For academics, you want to be looking at a narrow range of articles from journals and books. If you’re advanced, you may also wish to conduct interviews (transcripts of which, you will be able to reference in your work) or carry out empirical studies. Empirical studies are for those with research grants who are able to carry out a substantial experiment with conclusive evidence supporting (or negating) a hypothesis. If you’re an aspiring leader, then your first start for leadership material should be a set of 20 classic leadership books. Going via your favourite online bookstore, famous titles such as ‘How to win friends and influence people’, ‘the 7 habits of highly effective people’ and ‘who moved my cheese’ will be available for ten US Dollars or less. That means an entire mini library should set you back no more than 200 dollars. A fair price for a time-tested wealth of information. These should cover all the basics. However, with 20 books, you may find that these start to conflict – don’t worry about this! They’ll usually conflict due to different context, timing, or desired effect. You can simply now choose between several methods or leadership styles according to your situation. Finally, if you an already-active leader, you will want to check out the various leadership blogs online. The reason why I don’t re.mend that aspiring leaders spend too much time on the web is because leadership bloggers tend to blog about extremely small topics, (otherwise, how would they be able to write 365 fresh articles each year?), and this can have the effect of giving a new army recruit a 2 week course in army slang, then sending him off to war. You need to break down the big chunks first before you tidy the edges. I hope this short guide will help guide you to your next source of information! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: