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How to do after the baby swallowed the coin? How to do after the mother and daughter of the Sohu mistakenly swallowed coins? Wen Xu says in the child’s growth process will always encounter every kind of problem, so regulators should keep high vigilance. The child is too young to be curious about everything. She does not have the ability to protect themselves, only by constant exploration, experience. And some accidents as long as we pay more attention to this point, can be prevented. Three years of age is a high-risk population of children swallowed foreign bodies, coins and nuts is the most prone to eating. Children in daily life in the play, there will inevitably be the case, then the parents how to do? Go to the park to play at the weekend with a small warm back a little tired, accompany her to sleep after it was late. I asked her, "honey, do you want to take a bath?." She ignored me, I thought she just woke up a little trance. When I got up and looked at her, she was putting a dollar coin in her mouth. But I didn’t call her at once, and I was afraid that she might be scared to swallow. I gently walked over to prepare to lead her to sit up, but suddenly heard her rapid cough, I know the coin is certainly stuck in her throat, her face red, he was scared to get up quickly. Fortunately, in a timely manner to bow down the small coins will spit out, otherwise the consequences can not imagine. I was terrified to see this scene, and I wanted to give her a hard time. She was aware of the seriousness of the matter, and quickly explained to me, "I spit it out." My heart is still very angry, I shouted: "yes, spit it out, that in case of really swallowed the stomach? Do you know what will happen? Mom told you how many times, these things can not be put in the mouth, a unsanitary, two very dangerous. Why don’t you listen, you have to do it?" She secretly took a pen, will spit in the bed of the coin cover, also said to me: "no coin, mom, you don’t angry." To see this silly action, I am speechless, I do not know the angry or the comfort. That moment, I cried. Small warm to see me cry, just pretending to be strong, she instantly shed tears. I like a wronged child, while crying, said: you do not think this thing is over, how can you be so scared mother, do you know how much I love you, how much I do not want to see you hurt. But you don’t listen to your mother, you always do something dangerous." I asked her, "do you know what’s wrong? Later we can not do this. What happens if you swallow your stomach and you have to have an operation? You wanted to frighten mom, is it?" She shook her head and said, "Mom, I know it’s wrong. I’ll listen to it. I won’t put the coin in my mouth."." Small warm hands to hold me tight, I seem to be the comfort of the people. Therefore, the small warm is lucky, playing the wrong time to swallow coins, but in the end she spit out in time, but did not swallow. See the child was injured, I am sad than anyone, do not give up. I admit that my heart is not so strong. My tears, I blame the children do not understand the danger, blame of negligence. Of course R相关的主题文章: