How To Build Muscle For Bigger

Exercise If you watch a lot of people in the gym you would think their legs are only used to hold the upper body high enough for people to see it. Close to half the bodies muscle mass is below the waist, yet training it is an after thought for most. This is partly due to the fact that leg training is very hard and the most .mon leg exercise, the squat, is very difficult if you have any back issues. This routine shows how to build muscle in your legs without squats. The legs are .prised, primarily of the quad, hamstring and calf muscle. The Squat does work all three muscles simultaneously and is the best single lower body exercise. I don’t do them. It seems that no matter where I position the bar it bothers me and I do have spinal issues that make it virtually impossible for me to confidently challenge myself. So I have developed a leg routine that has no squatting involved. Here’s the routine: Start with the leg press. It is a great alternative to squats, and you can really load up on the weight. Do 5 pyramided sets with 6-10 reps for each set. A little trick do vary the emphasis is as you push the rack away use more of the ball of the foot on one set, and then use the heels on the next. This brings more work to the quad, then hammy on alternating sets. Plus it takes away a little of the boredom! Stay on the leg press but switch to single leg. This is a lot more difficult than using both legs but it forces you do not be strong leg dominate, which we all are. For increased difficulty add the heel/toe variation. Same set and rep count as above. Stay on the leg press (when people see me doing legs they know I own the leg press station for the next hour). Leave the safety stops in place and work your calves. You do this by moving your feet to the bottom of the plate, hang your heels off and move the rack by "pointing the toes". I like this better than calf raise machines because if you use a lot of weight it can be hard on your traps. Same set and rep count as above. Grab a bar and do stiff leg deadlifts. Place your feet shoulder width apart and keeping your legs straight (stiff) and a flat back raise the bar off the floor until you are standing straight up, then lower it back by bending at the waist (keep your back flat) till the weights touch the floor and repeat. This not only develops the hamstrings but also stretches and lengthens them. This is an excellent hamstring move, far superior in efficiency than hamstring curls. Same set and rep count as above. There are many other leg exercises you can add that do not involve squats, but I have found that these hit the major muscles effectively without giving my back any problems, and allows my legs to do more than just hold my upper body high enough to be seen. Do this routine for a few weeks and your legs too will make their own statement. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: