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How important is a complete and hot SUV product line for Geely? This article is to buy a car Sohu asked to share the original article, from the writer Yuan Mengquan. Today is the friend scraper ring’s richest man Wang Jianlin warned the young in the chat show: don’t want to be a man, first set a small goal, for example, I make it one hundred million! To _, richest man wake countless dreams — for automotive circles in the fierce competition in the market environment, the first set a small goal, create a Xianshengduoren momentum, sometimes more often than long-term goals more necessary. For example, yesterday, preheat two months of geely vision SUV finally announced the price, and the press conference to 100 million vehicles, the grand momentum of operation. The market has not yet put on the order of more than 15 thousand units of domestic SUV is given the price range is: $74 thousand and 900 to $101 thousand and 900. Plus three 1.8L models can now enjoy the purchase tax subsidies provided by Geely manufacturers $3000, the actual starting price of only 71 thousand and 900 yuan. Users of price announced after the reaction, in fact, from the day of listing of each big city 4S shop car enthusiasm can glimpse one or two. Geely also seems to be expected to SUV future sales momentum, in order to avoid similar problems when the listed capacity Bo, in addition to advance the production of 8000 units in the first batch of SUV future delivery of the vehicle outside the Chengdu plant has prepared 10 monthly production capacity, to ensure supply of vision SUV. As for the product itself, the prospect of SUV selling momentum has been explained by its cost. And ask your husband had been based on the old GX7 on the basis of the chassis and the overall dynamic range of product performance has also done several analysis. Not surprisingly, the vision of SUV 90 thousand yuan the main sales of cars, whether it is design, internal configuration, comfort or powertrain equipped, it can become the top three choice at this level. But for Geely, sales and reputation, but the basic task of vision SUV. It added, following the bullyear and the imperial GS, SUV product line and an important piece of puzzle, and Geely six months even push three SUV, a complete SUV product line has been constructed. Note that here said the "complete", and not in the market layout of several products even a few, but few models can also contribute to the overall performance of car sales, stimulating growth, get rid of China brand car prices in SUV on one leg to walk the old trouble. From the July level of sales of Geely, the listing of the Bo in the year, although the capacity limit, but in the end of July the car is still a breakthrough 10 thousand, the cumulative orders have more than 80 thousand vehicles in the past, the total number of vehicles in the end of March. The imperial GS in July sales of nearly 7000 vehicles, also in the rising channel. Two models of selling, make Geely SUV sales accounted for up to 35%, prospect the arrival of SUV, in the month of sales over a million base standard, is expected to raise this ratio to 40%, which makes the Geely S.相关的主题文章: