Housing prices refinancing across the board to tighten the low rated private debt issuance or suspen aizi

The refinancing of housing prices across the board to tighten the low rating of private debt issuance or postpone the introduction to our reporter He Xiaoqing Guangzhou reported to the regulators focus on the three or four line of the city real estate project bonds, a broker said the company has not accepted. And some lower rating housing prices will also be suspended private debt. Real estate industry is the trend of tightening across the board. The company has made it clear that the current line of three or four real estate projects will not accept bonds." September 14th, Southern China, a medium-sized brokerage bond financing department official told reporters on the economic report on twenty-first Century. Last week, deputy general manager of the company in charge of corporate bonds to Beijing to participate in the training, we have conveyed the spirit of the meeting. We get the message from the point of view, some of the lower rating housing prices will also be suspended private debt, especially private enterprises." The person in charge said the training refers to, in September 8th, the China Securities Regulatory Commission held in Beijing, the securities business Institutional Firms debt business senior management training. Regulatory authorities at the meeting stressed that the future will focus on real estate, municipal construction, overcapacity and other industries, corporate bond issuance. In the real estate industry, for example, the real estate business will focus on the three or four line of the city’s sales and the situation of the project, the land reserve information disclosure, the use of funds to raise the scale and reasonable verification. The same day, a person in charge of housing prices in Guangzhou, also on twenty-first Century economic news reporter confirmed that the three or four tier cities real estate project financing will be tightened, but he said there is no specific rules issued. Previously, the Commission held in 7 at the end of the sponsor training conference also pointed out that through refinancing to replenish liquidity does not allow real estate enterprises to raise funds can only be used for real estate construction and can not be used for holding and repayment of bank loans. The housing prices once again pay attention to corporate debt projects, we can see that regulators for the housing market regulatory policy has been further upgraded. Debt financing tightened since the implementation of the new corporate bonds, corporate bonds issued hot, which accounted for more than half of the real estate company debt issuance. Regulatory policies show that regulators on the issue of housing prices in the amount of debt issued by the company accumulated default risk concerns." The above Southern China medium-sized brokerage bond financing department official bluntly. "Since 2015, participated in the most expensive land project enterprises have a certain scale of the issue of corporate bonds, the whole part of the enterprise’s interest bearing debt, corporate debt proportion is high, and some enterprises in the acquisition of corporate bond financing, did not form an effective investment." The official said that although the provisions of the issuance does not limit the specific purposes of corporate bonds, but some housing prices in the application of funds deviated from the original intention of the company’s debt, which led to regulatory oversight of Real Estate Company debt. In January 2015, the CSRC issued the measures for the issuance and trading of corporate bonds, which brought about great changes in the financing structure of housing prices. The responsible person, compared with the old method, the new corporate debt issuance mode, period of flexible, open, including non public offering period can also choose; fund-raising purposes is flexible, the new company debt to raise funds and no clear project restrictions, the issuing company can be flexibly adjusted; issuance threshold is greatly reduced, the non-listed company also has the issuance of corporate bonds qualification. In addition, the cost of financing is also significantly reduced.相关的主题文章: