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Hot property buyers to play the "fly" grab the real part of the second tier city to restart the purchase of Sohu financial buyers to play the "fly" grab the real part of the second tier city to restart the purchase of the property market unpopular cause regulation – re tighten reporter Liang Qian Beijing reported 18, Hangzhou City announced the purchase of real estate policy, will be held on September 19th to suspend have 1 or more housing units and non city residence households the sale of housing, including new housing and second-hand housing. Hangzhou is the third after Suzhou and Xiamen to restart the purchase of the city. Insiders said that part of the property market booming, the real estate control policies to tighten in the field of real estate, the deleveraging policy is intensive, does not exclude the more the city to join the ranks of purchase and credit limit. Hot holiday crazy investors should relaxed the rest of the holiday, ushered in the real estate investment rash and too much in haste. Zhengzhou white-collar Zhang Chao is one of them. "I feel more tired than going to work." Zhang Chao said, the first day of family housing housing, the second day Paihao Yaohao third days formalities, during the three day of a small holiday, almost all his time at the house. Zhang Chao said, I fancy a set of a European style villa located in Zhengzhou air port project, near the FTA, and located along the subway. A week ago, the project has risen by nearly 600 yuan, and if at the end of June compared to the opening price rose nearly 3000 yuan." I heard the last opening more than and 200 suites, there are eight, nine hundred people queuing yaohao. I have 17 day before the opening night after promising to bring the family, to the sales offices to avoid queuing, to buy." Zhang Chao said. In the current round of frenzied housing market, Zhang Chao’s practice is not uncommon. Liu Cu is a real estate consultant Zhang Chao, as a real person, he was also the fear of people who are now buying houses. When the last opening, an old lady in Shanghai bought 3 suites, which I told her to push the last two days, she said directly to leave the phone set of three. I quickly said, "this house does not necessarily take", the old lady directly to the sentence, "now I’ll buy a ticket to fly over from Shanghai, give me an account of money, you call me first.". Is really stopped all can not stop." Liu Cu said. Centaline market director Zhang Dawei said, at this stage the purchase of investment demand is strong, or because the Chinese future is expected to rise, expected investment profit, or because of fear of future inflation, buy early morning heart. Panic Centaline Property Research Center data display under the tide of scarce capital, in the past the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, Beijing signed 422 new residential units, signed 280 second-hand housing units, the whole volume is the highest point in recent years holiday. During this year’s Dragon Boat Festival holiday, Beijing new residential housing turnover 213 sets of second-hand housing turnover of only 70 sets. This means that, although the holiday due to the particularity of the contract, the overall contract does not fully reflect the market situation, but from a purely holiday factors, turnover doubled. "The main reason for the emergence of investment demand is too much money supply. Under the influence of excessive supply of money, investment demand has been released in the room.相关的主题文章: