Hong Xiuzhu will provide a new platform to deepen the 92 consensus not mentioned in a tables-segotep

Hong Xiuzhu will provide a new platform to deepen the 92 consensus without mentioning the tables in the original title: Hong Xiuzhu will provide a new platform to deepen the "92 consensus" delete "the table" in KMT chairman Hong Xiuzhu (source: the rating agency) according to Hongkong "in the agency," 30 reported that the KMT will be held in September 4th nineteenth the Fourth Party Congress in Yangming Mountain Building, Party chairman Hong Xiuzhu will be the first to put forward the policy agenda, in the aspect of cross-strait relations, will be highlighted in the "constitution" on the basis of deepening the "92 consensus", to actively explore the possibility of cross strait peace agreement ending the enemy state, promote the institutionalization of cross-strait peace play a role. The report pointed out that with the last nineteenth of the third times the whole generation will put forward by Zhu Lilun platform comparison, this platform is not included in the draft version of "Hu five vision", but stressed that cross-strait peace agreement five vision; at the same time platform refers to the "92 consensus", but did not mention in a tables". The party said, "even the five Hu 2005 vision" much has been achieved in the past 8 years in the Ma Ying-Jeou administration, only the "peace agreement" only heard his voice, so the special mention included in the vision of promoting; in addition, the "92 consensus" in Taiwan is the "Republic of China", is "one of the table" but the text remains to be "policy research group" judge. Reported that, due to opposition Kuomintang has, therefore the policy programme described in the text must be modified, to put forward the policy vision for the direction of the narrative, the text corrected estimates in August 31st will generally decided after. On cross-strait relations, Hong Xiuzhu will promote cross-strait exchanges, the pursuit of peace in the Taiwan Strait ", stressed in the" constitution of the Republic of China "on the basis of deepening the" 92 consensus ", and actively explore the possibility of ending the state of hostility between the two sides in the peace agreement, to play the role of promoting peace of two bank system, to ensure the welfare of the people of Taiwan. According to the Cai Yingwen administration after the cross-strait relations and exchanges of frozen, Hong Xiuzhu in politics put forward the Kuomintang to actively strengthen cross-strait exchanges, strengthen the service in the mainland and Taiwan Affairs Center, take the initiative to care about the business in the mainland, employment, study and life of the Taiwan people, for the people to fight for the rights of other demands. Hong Xiuzhu will also be stressed through the cross-strait forum and various exchange platform to help solve the problems arising from cross-strait exchanges, to support the mainland spouses and students enjoy the same rights and interests of other foreigners. Hong Xiuzhu in June 27th indicates the establishment of "policy programme of the group", by the chief vice president Zhan Qixian as the Convenor, including members of the party secretary Mo Tianhu; policy executive Cai Zhengyuan; director of the special adviser party chairman and Mainland Affairs Huang Qingxian; Legislative Yuan caucus total call Liao Guodong, Party Secretary General Lin Defu, Chief Deputy Secretary of the Yangtze River Qi Chen; "the national policy foundation vice chairman, executive vice president of Yang Ming Du Zijun; former chairman, Xinbei mayor Zhu Lilun Hsinchu County Miaoli County; Qiu Jingchun; Xu Yaochang; Nantou County Magistrate Lin Mingzhen Huang Jianting; Taitung County; Lianjiang county magistrate Liu Zengying and the Standing Committee of the two people to participate in the discussion. KMT held in July 19, 2015 the 19 generation of the entire generation of the party is still in power for the 3 party in the year of the third相关的主题文章: