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Hollande: Thank you to celebrate the Spring Festival joy – Asian news agency of the new network in Paris in February 11, the French people (reporter Long Jianwu) French President Hollande said on the 11, he thanked the French Asian persist in the very period to celebrate the lunar new year, bring joy to experience the pain of terrorist attacks in Paris, the French people. Hollande night at the Elysee Palace held a reception to celebrate the year of monkey. Addressing the Asian delegates invited to the reception, he said, "Celebrating the Spring Festival in France has become a tradition.". After the efforts of the Asian community, the Spring Festival has moved from the Asian community to the French society, becoming a festival shared by all. Hollande said, but it is well known that this year’s Spring Festival has a special background. France has just suffered a terrorist attack last year, and the French people are in a complicated mood and very strict security measures. He thanked the Asian Paris 13 to celebrate the spring festival parade through the way to share happiness, relieve the tension. The French government was in a state of emergency throughout Paris after a series of terrorist attacks in November 13th last year. The security situation is still tense situation, Paris Chinese community decided to overcome the difficulties, insist on 13 in Paris held the spring festival parade makeup. The French authorities have communicated with the Chinese community several times and will send more police forces and take measures to ensure the safety of the procession. Hollande also said that there was a Kampuchea restaurant attacked in the terrorist attack in Paris. Terrorists want to destroy France’s freedom and multiculturalism through terrorist activities, change French values and lifestyles, "we will use practical actions to prove that we will not change our lives, nor will we change values."". Hollande thanked Asian Americans for their choice and integration into France, and contributed to the development of france. He said that France will continue to improve public security, reception services, in order to meet more tourists, especially for the French economy contributed a lot of Chinese tourists. France’s goal is to receive 5 million Chinese tourists annually in 2020. France will continue to develop its relations with Asian countries, including china. Chen Wenxiong, President of the Council of Asian Americans and the president of the Council of Asian Americans of Paris, presented the Chinese character "monkey" to the president’s house on behalf of the Asian Americans, and Hollande happily photographed with Chen Wenxiong in front of his calligraphy works. Chinese ambassador Zhai Jun, the relationship between the French government and parliamentary state secretary Ngan, Paris mayor Gu Mei and the French Asian 13 from all walks of life on behalf of more than 500 people attended the evening reception. (end)

奥朗德:感谢亚裔坚持庆祝春节为法国人民带来欢乐-中新网   中新社巴黎2月11日电(记者 龙剑武) 法国总统奥朗德11日表示,他感谢法国亚裔在非常时期坚持庆祝农历新年,为经历巴黎恐怖袭击之痛的法国人民带来欢乐。   奥朗德当晚在爱丽舍宫举行招待会,庆祝猴年春节。他在对应邀出席招待会的亚裔代表致辞时说,在法国过春节已经成为一个传统。经过亚裔社群的努力,春节已经从亚裔社区走向法国全社会,成为大家共享的节日。   奥朗德说,但众所周知的是,今年的春节具有特殊背景。法国去年刚刚经受了恐怖袭击的打击,法国人民心情复杂,安保措施非常严密。他感谢亚裔通过巴黎13区春节游行等庆祝方式让大家分享快乐,舒缓紧张气氛。   去年11月13日巴黎遭遇连环恐怖袭击后,法国政府在全境实施紧急状态至今。在安全形势依然紧张的情况下,巴黎华社决定克服各方面困难,坚持在巴黎13区如期举行春节彩妆游行。法国政府有关部门多次与华社沟通协调,将增派警力和采取措施以确保游行安全。   奥朗德还表示,巴黎恐袭事件中就有一家柬埔寨餐馆遇袭。恐怖分子想通过恐怖活动摧毁法国的自由和多元文化,改变法国的价值观和生活方式,“我们将用实际行动证明我们不会改变生活,更不会改变价值观”。   奥朗德感谢亚裔选择并融入法国,为法国的发展做出了贡献。他说,法国将继续改善治安、接待服务等,以迎接更多游客,尤其是对法国经济贡献良多的中国游客。法国的目标是到2020年每年接待500万中国游客。法国还将继续发展与包括中国在内的亚洲国家的关系。   巴黎市议员、法国亚裔高等理事会主席陈文雄代表亚裔族群向总统府赠送了由华裔艺术家叶星千书写的汉字“猴”,奥朗德欣然与陈文雄在书法作品前合影留念。   中国驻法大使翟隽、法国政府与议会关系国务秘书勒甘、巴黎13区区长顾梅等与法国亚裔各界代表500余人出席了当晚的招待会。(完)相关的主题文章: