History Of The Yorkshire Terrier By 孙俪选秀美照曝光

History Of The Yorkshire Terrier By: Michele Hackett | Dec 2nd 2009 – With its small stature, big personality and playful barking, the Yorkshire Terrier charms the hearts of millions of pet owners and Yorkie enthusiasts. But how did this little dog come to be? It may surprise you to know that the first Yorkies were working class hunting dogs first bred in Yorkshire, England in the 1800s … Tags: History Of The Yorkshire Terrier By: Steve Allison | Apr 12th 2006 – Understanding today’s Yorkshire Terrier means looking at this dog"��s ancestry. There seems to be little disagreement about the way in which the modern Yorkshire Terrier came to be. Even though there are no records of the earliest relatives of the Yorkie it’s widely believed that the breed is estimated to is just over 100 o … Tags: 相关的主题文章: