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High school students take micro lessons, teach children in rural areas, learn all the chips, buy instruments, go to school, Wuhan, a group of public welfare high school students, for the rural weak schools to raise money, record micro class, the use of the network will be convenient to love to play new tricks. Yesterday, the reporter saw Wu in the British science and technology agency members and wish a Junwei Su week, is a sophomore in high school they not long ago for the Huangpi middle school to research experimental instrument of nearly 5000 yuan. Zhu Yiwei, President of the science and Technology Association, introduced a group of High Tech students who loved science and technology. Learned from the Wuhan charity organization, Huangpi Academy of secondary school lack of experimental instruments, for this reason, science and technology community public welfare group launched a network of public offering in May this year. After several months of efforts, more than 9000 yuan was raised. According to the list of physical and chemical laboratory equipment defects, the public welfare group purchased nearly 5000 yuan of experimental instruments, and rented the van to the school in the middle of October. It’s not easy for high school students to play public welfare. I wish a Junwei Su week feel the greatest difficulty and circle is not big enough, many participants are members and parents, parents and acquaintances. Many people do not think that high school students do can change what, think donated money equivalent to "dashuipiao". The science and Technology Society hopes to establish a long-term communication with the students in the weak schools through the convenience of the network, and help them continuously. To this end, the establishment of a WeChat public platform, members of their own design, recording, editing video, shooting micro class released in the public number, convenient for children studying in remote schools such as the study. The micro lectures have been "dry ice experiment", "non Newtonian fluid experiment" and so on, and the science and Technology Agency plans to update the phase one regularly. For the students of weak schools to do public welfare, Zhou millet admit harvest more than pay. He went to study in the middle school once, the biggest feeling is that students are eager for knowledge and study seriously, he reflects his school has enough hardware facilities, but did not work as hard as they do. Zhou Zili, the member of the commune, wrote in the feeling of the activity: "the children who lack the experimental conditions tend to have the desire for knowledge, which is the most painful thing for the city students. I will continue to help the secondary school. If possible, I hope our donation will not be limited to the school." (reporter Qiao Lingling correspondent Zhang Deyin) attention to the big Chu network official WeChat (micro signal: dachuwang), give you interesting, useful information, and good manners send every day. Scan the next two dimensional code attention.

高中生拍微课教农村孩子学习 众筹买仪器到学校  武汉一群热心公益的高中生,为农村薄弱学校众筹善款、录制微课,利用网络的便捷将献爱心玩出新花样。昨日,记者见到武外英中科技社成员祝一玮和周粟,正在读高二的他们不久前为黄陂研子中学送去了近5000元的实验仪器。  科技社社长祝一玮介绍,她在高一时成立科技社,汇聚了一批热爱科技的高中生。从武汉市爱心公益组织得知,黄陂研子中学缺少实验仪器,为此科技社公益小组于今年5月发起了一场网络众筹。通过几个月的努力,共筹得善款9000余元。公益小组根据研子中学提供的理化生实验设备缺损清单,购买了近5000元的实验仪器,于10月中旬租面包车送到了学校。  高中生玩众筹做公益,并不容易。祝一玮和周粟感觉最大的困难是圈子不够大,参与者多是社员及家长,以及家长的熟人。很多人并不认为高中生这么做能改变什么,觉得捐了钱相当于“打水漂”。科技社更希望通过网络的便捷,与薄弱学校的学生建立起长期的交流,持续的帮助到他们。为此,开设有微信公众平台,社员自己设计、录制、剪辑视频,拍摄微课发布在公众号,方便像研子中学等偏远学校的孩子观看。陆续发布的微课有“干冰实验”、“非牛顿流体实验”等,科技社计划定期更新一期。  为薄弱学校的学生做公益,周粟自认收获比付出多。他到研子中学去过一次,最大感触就是学生们对知识的渴望和学习的认真,他反思自己就读的学校有足够的硬件设施,却没有像他们那样努力。  社员周子力在活动感悟中写道:“实验条件匮乏的孩子们却往往有着城市学生所不及的对知识的渴望,这是最让人心疼的。我会继续帮助研子中学,如果有可能,我希望我们的捐助能不仅限于研子这一所学校。”(记者谯玲玲 通讯员张德吟)关注大楚网官方微信(微信号:dachuwang),给你有趣、有用的资讯,还有好礼天天送。扫描下方二维码关注吧。相关的主题文章: