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High school examination found that the results and how to do? The college entrance examination industry summit early warning: how to break the situation has to click on the registration of these candidates after the College Entrance Examination Reform Summit industry still miserable consultant transition or eliminated the college entrance examination of college entrance examination revealed pre planning white paper industry summit process first look since the college entrance examination subject contest requirements summary three candidates to recruit from the elite counter attack at test for what professional school admission points ranking key recommended colleges in Beijing recently all schools are gradually Yuekao, some schools had been finished, some schools will test. The problem with most recent day is: why more efforts to lower grades, do so many problems, why not improve performance? There are student response, a lot of simple questions, one is wrong, in the end is why? Why is a simple problem always wrong, and the back of the big problem but can do right? Let’s take a look. Hope to find the root, we can lift the barrier, so that they no longer confused. In addition, I have a suggestion that when we study, the first is to focus, so that you can in the quiet space, such as rational thinking. The second is that we do not label the contents of the professor, we do not evaluate the good and bad, we just go into the depth of what he said. In this way, we can correspond with the perfect knowledge. Learning is only the process of wisdom and time and time again. Maybe we will close or open the door of wisdom on the surface because we like it or not. It’s as if you’re walking on the road, your deskmate is passing by, and you’re not aware of it. Especially in the students do not like the teacher’s question, I suggest that you should focus on what the teacher said in the knowledge, in order to correspond with the knowledge. Not because the teacher said you don’t understand, you refuse to listen to the teacher. This time, you just need a little patience, in silence, found that the laws of knowledge, the nature of these problems, analysis of the problem of thinking. First said the effort and scores are not directly proportional to the core problem: usually very hard to learn, but the test scores are not high. Efforts and scores are not proportional to the how to do? In fact, the essence is that the review does not see the effect, that is, efficiency is not high. It is not difficult to solve the problem. The most important thing is to have a clear understanding of their own, and to have confidence in themselves. After the induction, we can review the reasons for the efficiency is not high for 3: 1, the blind review of this review is now the main reason for the efficiency is not high, but also the biggest common fault. It takes a lot of time and energy, but it doesn’t work. This is because we all follow the progress of the teacher to review, and the progress of their own students different. Now basically the textbook chapters is continuous, knowledge has certain relevance, if not previously understood, but follow the schedule to go, Sike "now" progress inevitably or read hastily and without thinking pig eating ginseng, fruit, no taste. [suggestion] can follow the teacher review schedule, but to follow the progress of classroom, after-school to start the consolidation, so you can put the petals相关的主题文章: