Here, see the future – written on the occasion of the closing of the third world Internet Conference

Here, see the future — written in the third world Internet Conference at the conclusion of the science and technology Sohu – Xinhua 18, concluded 3 days of the Third World Conference of the Internet landed in Zhejiang Wuzhen. Raging like a storm of the Internet era, from around more than and 110 countries and regions more than 1600 "elite" around the "innovation driven the meeting of wind and clouds, the benefit of mankind — to build cyberspace community of destiny" theme, dialogue, the collision of ideas, and achieved fruitful results. Here, to witness China’s changing water, Wuzhen, the third time before the world spotlight. A lot of guests is not the first time participants, walking in the bluestone lane, walk in the white walls and black tiles, they found that Wuzhen has not changed, is still thousands of years, rain water in it with a unique delicate and beautiful; Wuzhen also changed, for two years, the Internet has deeply here Gangcha, river bridges in a flash all the light of wisdom, the penetration of the next breath. 26 gigabit optical cable, Zhejiang Big Data Trading Center, 5G car networking…… A short span of two years, Wuzhen’s Internet factor is more shiny, full coverage of wireless signals, anywhere at any time, mobile payment, smart medical, intelligent parking system, just like a small town looks like. 16, the opening ceremony, President Xi Jinping in a video speech, expressed his concern and expectation for Internet business: "the Internet is the most vigorous development of the field. The rapid development of the Internet has brought profound changes to human production and life, but also brought a series of new opportunities and challenges to the human society." "Over the past 3 years, the changes in the world of the Internet have produced improvements that I would like to at least equal to the last 12 years." As a representative of Chinese entrepreneurs on the Internet, Ma Yun, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba, such as organizing the world since the general assembly of the Internet since the change. The change of Wuzhen is a microcosm of the development of China’s internet. This year in Beijing Shanghai and other popular smart public bike, solve a lot of short haul travel demand; just past the "double eleven", "buy global sell global," has become the norm; smart city, intelligent transportation, smart logistics…… Internet + has become the infrastructure of many people’s lives. In April this year, the network and information security work conference held in July, "national development strategy program" issued by the September G20 summit in Hangzhou "digital economic development and Cooperation Initiative", by November the network security law…… The top-level design of China’s Internet governance development is gradually forming. China’s experience, China’s achievements, China advocates, China plans to become a hot topic for the guests. "China is the leader of the digital economy industry, and the international status of the economy, industry and other aspects is increasing day by day." President Luigi of China EU digital association? Gambardella said in Chinese hosted the world Internet Conference a success, let the conference be clearly show a name card China strength. International ICANN President Fadi Coulthard said: "Chinese? Cut government)相关的主题文章: