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Her show to see one less! The United States such as Liu Wen needless to say (the WeChat public number Xingsu guest Shoot) when it comes to the highest frequency in the past 2017 fashion week, you will find who is? Fashion is the flower teacher Song Jia? The gas field full of Fan Ye? NO! Since it is fashion week, it must be the big cousin Liu Wen home! In fact, my cousin recently rarely show, then she also once a month to go more than and 70 games, everyone became famous "showbest". Now, she has passed the stage, replaced by a ICON fashion show in front of everyone but the identity of the fashion week she should help out of seven brands! As the world’s third largest top supermodel, it is for everyone’s welfare ah ~ fans also have lamented: "my old model finally twisted up, watch a little game!" Yesterday cousin also released a set of photos in micro-blog, blue leather coat collocation black wide leg pants, white skin and warm temperament made her as the incarnation of the goddess of autumn, so beautiful ~ it seems that many people know about Liu Wen originated from "we love" this show in T a big cousin too bright but also far away from us, so that we have not found that she is a lovely nature, touched when weeping girl. "Pomegranate couple" not only height match, the appearance of temperament is very ride, the same frame is illustrated! Even Siwon’s sister to the supermodel sister-in-law love it here to see our charming style big cousin in 2017 fashion week! New York Fashion Week  BOSS& Anna Sui cousin the first show of the season to BOSS, a mix of black and white dress collocation light makeup look solemn and neat, Liu Wen had taken over BOSS advertising, but this is the first time for the Jason Wu BOSS in charge of the show, not handsome in the background of the BOSS for makeup Liu Wen is not qingshuichufurong? Second New York, the big cousin continue to love twisted up, every year the absence of Anna Sui show her this year is epoch-making go two times, purple blue silk robe girlish collocation makeup and hairstyle retro, as big cousin very well with the Anna control Sui designer befriended the my cousin in previous years will show a stunning performance out of loyalty cousin called love! According to the background is also a beautiful Anna Sui show off electronic is a lazy sling suit collocation of white shoes, the phone side with a big smile, really is the sun ~ Milan Fashion Week  Moschino& BV to Milan fashion week, my cousin appeared in the Moschino show, but this can not show oh! But was invited to watch the show. Look at the show the day before the big cousin also drying out on the micro-blog -相关的主题文章: