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Henry Huang Kaijie than Yuri Henry that others actually love ABS Huang Kaijie Sina entertainment news first national water polo team after receiving training of the arts team, and finally in the first night of the arrival of the goddess Yuri, ushered in their supper time. This time, the program is in a barbecue shop. Are all gobling down when "gossip" Zang Hongna out: in the arts of all the boys, who Yuri love the most? In order to avoid embarrassment, Tian Yuan suggested that the goddess from the top of the rankings do not like, and behold, Tian Yuan immediately lying gun, topped the list of Yuri blacklist. Subsequently, Hua and Hou Minghao wave after Tian Yuan flew out, only two members of Huang Kaijie and Henry, leaving a huge suspense. To seize the goddess of love, at Henry under the watchful eyes of the people, a dazzling belly. Than muscle, of course Huang Kaijie also exposed eight pack, not resigned to playing second fiddle, bold love. Yuri sandwiched between two men shy of his face in the rotisserie atmosphere but also because the two naked competition is heating up again. Although before the Maya beach, Henry and Huang Kaijie had a showdown, than that figure, but for love and love, to strip, or the first time. After a series of rivalry competition, they decided to let two people to feed the meat with eyes closed, Yuri Pro form, to reveal the goddess love person. However, Yuri has left two people, turned the "love of the barbecue" to the former has been out of the Hou Ming Hao. In the face of two popular mature man, why Yuri chose his own little than the age of 8 Hou Minghao? The goddess is deliberately barnburner, hidden or otherwise? Yuri as the network transmission of a strong woman, always love "love"? This Sunday night 21:20 Hubei TV "sunshine art fitness", Yuri’s real choice, for you to announce! (commissioning editor: Laurie)相关的主题文章: