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Help much in less   domestic violence shelter services are advised to purchase services into government – Politics – original title: "Help Center for asylum, in less" situation, the National Women’s Rights Department official recommendations included in the government procurement of services to enhance the professional ability of domestic violence relief shelters are a threat to personal safety for the victims of domestic violence caused in no place to live, temporarily living plight of the minors and asylum assistance provided shelter adult victims. In March 1st this year since the implementation of the anti domestic violence law stipulates: "the Municipal People’s government at the county level or districts can be individually or rely on aid management institutions set up a temporary shelter, providing temporary living assistance to victims of domestic violence." Provide a clear legal basis for the establishment of anti domestic violence law domestic violence shelter. At present, relying on the Department of Civil Affairs assistance or welfare agencies set up shelters is the main mode of domestic violence shelter. The international cooperation projects, some local women’s federations or social organizations rely on the use of corporate sponsorship resources such as the establishment of shelters in the community service center and other places, to provide professional services or the nearest handy shelter. According to the relevant person in charge of the interests of the Department of the National Women’s Federation, the existing national shelter more than 2000 last year, to provide shelter for victims of domestic violence services 149 people. Then, the operation management for domestic violence shelter, there is no relevant legal basis? "In 2015, the Ministry of civil affairs, the National Women’s Federation jointly issued the" guidance "on victims of domestic violence shelter relief work, clear relief management institutions to carry out relief work for victims of domestic violence shelter principles, tasks, work procedures and work requirements." The person responsible for the Department of the National Women’s rights, the object of the service provided by domestic violence shelters including the resident population, including floating population; the victim is a minor, because as long as the victims of domestic violence led to a threat to personal safety, is nowhere to live as a temporary living dilemma, you can get shelter services; the victim is to adults. Respect my wishes, seeking asylum aid women can carry the care of the minor children and apply for asylum. Whether I went directly, or women’s organizations in public security organs, escort, civil affairs departments and rescue management agencies will receive timely victims of domestic violence. Relief agencies to protect the victims of adult victims generally not more than 10 days, due to special circumstances need to be extended to the civil affairs department for the record. "In the current situation, domestic violence shelter in a relatively small number, there are aspects of the subjective and objective reasons." At present, many local shelters appear "help, stay less", the official said, from an objective perspective, the law against domestic violence this year has just been implemented, the relevant government departments at all levels, and the society for legal understanding there is a process of domestic violence shelter services as a new social work professional strong also need to constantly explore and sum up experience; from a subjective point of view, some of the victims are not wash your dirty linen in public psychology, and voluntarily accept asylum number relative to the number of complaints of domestic violence is much less. China the traditional society is the society of acquaintances, domestic violence victims in residence)相关的主题文章: